Three times the charm?

This evening , I attempted to fuse plastic. The first one wasn’t good – some parts did not fuse at all.

I stopped, then checked out the tutorial at EtsyLabs again (that I already looked at several times about two months ago). By the looks of it, and as I recalled the video tutorial I also watched last week, I did what the tutorials called for.

An hour later, I tried it again but with just six layers and more flimsy plastic bags. I also turned up the temperature of the iron. This time, it actually looked like it was fusing well, but the iron may have been a little too hot. There were holes, and I actually saw the thing shrink. I managed to cut a piece of it that will be usable for what I intend to make, but on its own I think the material is not as sturdy as what I would have wanted.

That really got me frustrated. I was looking forward to making something this weekend and I really thought it would just be simple.   I’ll leave the third, and hopefully successful attempt for tomorrow.


Did you see the Olympics’ closing ceremony? It was amazing!