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October is National Childrens Month in the Philippines

October is already drawing to a close. Years ago, I regarded October as a busy month because it is dubbed as the National Children’s Month. Government and Non-Government agencies alike usually have programs all throughout the month, and the organizations that I’ve been a part of would surely participate in some form. 

Now that I am no longer involved in children’s organizations, I still find myself looking around for signs that this month’s theme is actually being publicized. Call it bad timing, but worldwide, October is Pink Month for Breast Cancer Awareness – and you can see that everywhere (including in this blog).

The other day though, I did see a banner about this year’s theme right in front of the offices of the ABS-CBN Foundation. Other than that, no sign. I don’t read the papers much, but of what I’ve read, there was no mention of children’s month. I usually get to see the weekend news; but then again, no news on Children’s Month. 

Then just now, after searching for signs on the Internet, I found that there was a festival right around the corner. The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) spearheaded a Children’s Theater Festival this weekend (October 24 to 26). Their Theater Center is about three to four blocks from here, and I could have brought my nephews and nieces there had I known of the Festival beforehand. Alas, that’s how out of the loop I am. Buti pa when PETA had their shows and festivities in far away Raja Sulayman Theater of the Fort Santiago, I was able to go. Now that they’re here, and they’ve been here for YEARS, I haven’t been to see a single production. 

What I’m trying to say is, it is so frustrating that no matter how long the child-welfare circle has been celebrating Children’s Month, we still haven’t been really able to break into the mainstream.

Who knows about October being the National Children’s Month in the Philippines? I hope that we have had more success in raising awareness of actual child rights/child protection issues.


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5 Responses to “October is National Childrens Month in the Philippines”

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joanjoyce October 27th, 2008 at 10:01 am

actually sis i didn’t know either na this month pala is childrens month, kala ko teachers month ehehe.. maybe media could help spread the word :)

Happy Childrens Month sa atin sis.. hehehe children pa tayo no ;)


verabear Reply:

Teacher’s month nga din eh, related na din naman siguro yun. Haha.
Yes, media would be a lot of help. Di ko lang kasi talaga alam ngayon what the programs are – sana nakipromote promote na rin ako diba.


joanjoyce Reply:

yung mga morning shows sis mga pambata yun hehehe or sa 7 yung art angel maganda din don mag promo o kaya lovely day :D



MammaDawg October 28th, 2008 at 3:56 am

omigosh – DITTO! I wish I had known about it – but it’s never too late, right? Thanks for mentioning it!!

And thanks for ALWAYS being such a good friend.




verabear Reply:

Shucks, like I said on your latest blog entry – you can’t be rid of me! ;) Thanks too Dette!


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