Alfred’s home!

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Last night, as I was getting ready for work, I looked at my pink polo shirt and immediately wished that Alfred won’t be wearing his pink polo shirt to work too. We would look so silly! To be honest though, I secretly wished he would too. Because, wouldn’t it be sweet? Haha!

Anyway, I went straight to the clinic as soon as arrived at the office. You see, coming back from the vet’s yesterday, my eyes were so irritated and they were soooo itchy, and there was stabbing pain all over. I lay down covered my eyes and wished it would go away. The pain went away but my eyes were still very watery and quite itchy. When I woke up last night, my eyes were covered with extra layers of muta – or morning stars as they are sometimes called too – on my eyes. My eyes were also itchy, and the lids were feeling quite hot. I knew then this wasn’t a simple eye irritation.

The doc sent me home to avoid spreading pink eye around. I wasn’t sure if I welcomed the extra day off or not. You see it’s the last day of the fiscal week (Friday) and I have uploads due. It’s crunch time for me. I also had agents scheduled for coaching last night.

Anyway, go home I must. I still stayed in the office until 1AM though, prepping stuff to take home with me so I could work a bit from here (technically I shouldn’t because staring at a computer monitor will tire out my eyes). I also had to talk to one my agents who rendered his resignation πŸ™

Back to Alfred. Since the clinic was on Alfred’s floor (and very near my old beloved station), I passed by him before going down to our floor. And there he was wearing his pink polo shirt! Haha.

I saw him again just before I went home, and now he’s here snoring away. I don’t think I’ll be letting him go home to his parents anytime soon. I think he wouldn’t want to either. Not for my sake though, but for Zune. He’s bent on disinfecting the entire compound, if he can, just to be sure that the parvo virus is killed. I’m afraid about the outside though. The street is littered with dog feces and last night when I came back from work, there were three neighborhood dogs scavenging for food in our trash bins! I’m not sure if they are strays or if they do have owners, but more than the inconvenience they cause us, what if they pick up the virus too? What if they’re the ones spreading it around? Oh well.


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