I got through!

I finished the level I was talking about yesterday! I didn’t get the Super Goal but I did breeze right through the next level, the mini game, and then the last one. So Grandpa has been rescued by Jill and I’m on to the next level. As it turns out, the Egypt level was only the second that I’ve finished, I’m off for the third!


I’m a little sad because my family is going on a picnic to my grandpa’s rice fields in Nueva Ecija tomorrow. I’ve never been there and it looks like I won’t be going with them tomorrow. My shift’s until 9am and I wasn’t able to ask my boss in advance for a leave. I could probably ask to render just a half day’s work but I’m not confident to ask. After all, there’s no emergency. I can’t just follow after shift because the place is at least three hours’ drive away from here. My cousins and their kids are all going. Of course gramps will be there too.

Oh well. Just imagine the photo ops I’d be missing…