Making the most out of it

I know I had no intention to post here anymore until Philhosting fixes the problem, or until I’ve moved over to a new host. But what the heck, use it while it’s there, right? 

If I have any readers left, well then, I appeal to you! If you know how I can retrieve some of my December posts, please let me know. I’ve tried Google and picked up some posts on their cached pages, but there are still some that are missing. Technorati only carries blurbs and not the full posts. Feedburner feeds for this blog have updated to reflect the posts that are currently displayed :(

On a different topic…

My mom bought this nice coat from Debenhams at Trinoma yesterday. She also picked up a pair of ankle boots from Confetti. She’s preparing for a trip to London in a few days. It’s winter so she needs to stock up on appropriate clothing. I can’t imagine what luggage she will need to use to have all her essentials packed up for a short trip. Her bags aren’t exactly Rimowa.  Actually, now I’m wondering which bags she’s taking. It’s a trip for work and she’s going alone. We don’t really know anyone in London so she isn’t planning to extend her stay for an excursion. Too bad.