My Only U

myonlyuWhen we first heard about the movie coming out – oh, okay, when we first saw the standees of the movie around ABS-CBN – we knew we wanted to see this one. Remember that Alfred and I have much jologs in each of us (more in him than in me ;)), and that one of our guilty pleasures is to watch Tagalog movies on Cinema One. But for one reason or another, we didn’t see it in the cinema. We waited for it to come out on DVD instead, and finally got to see the movie last week.


Starring Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro, this romantic-comedy was about a young woman who believed that she would die young because no one in her family survived the age of 25. Her neighbor and best friend (who was also the handyman/landlord in the apartment complex) did everything to protect her, and prolong her life.

Her only plan in her young life was to work until she could, to earn and save money for her blind father. She sang with her dad’s string quartet (or was it a trio) in restaurants and events, and also did solo acts at lounges/bars on weekends. Beyond working hard, caring for her father, and saving up for an electric guitar, she had no other plans.

I won’t ruin the turnout of the movie for those who still intend to see it. I will say though that it didn’t exactly end the way I pictured it would – or should have. The humor was clean and they did make us laugh – something we’ve come to expect from a Vhong/Toni matchup. But there were also sad moments in the movie that would make one cry.

I can’t imagine how great it probably feels to have someone care for you the way that Vhong’s character did for Toni’s. It was like his whole world revolved around her, and in making sure she would get as much chance in life as she could. I guess that’s what really happens when you know you only have limited time with someone – you tend to make the most out of every single moment. But with or without an illness or a curse, don’t we all have a very limited time here with each other? The knowledge that death comes for everyone eventually should be enough for everyone to cherish moments.

The community they lived in, the apartment complex or tenement as Toni once referred to, looks like a great place to live in. The units themselves leave something to be desired, so it’s not the structure I like, but the layout of the complex and the nice, genial environment they had there.

Toni sure looked beautiful in the movie, she should seriously consider cutting her hair short for real. She had short hair in one of her movies with Sam Milby and she looked great there too. It was also nice to see Vhong not overacting like Jim Carrey in some of his movies.

On other news

I was out visiting blogs again earlier today and I must’ve clicked on an ad somewhere because I found myself looking at a site for Rackmount lcd and related products. I couldn’t understand what the product really is, are these laptops or custom LCD monitors for computers or something? The monitors looked super thin though, reminds me of LCD TV monitors that both Alfred and I admire at the malls. Those are the only kinds of TVs that would fit in our very small room. Hehe. :)