Pray for Zune — UPDATE!

The little puppy with Zune on his picture on the previous post is named Sharpay. We lost her yesterday. Sharpay is Zune’s puppy girlfriend and Esban’s and Dalnes’ pet. It was suspected that she died of the Parvo virus. According to the vet they saw on New Year’s Eve, he has seen to five other dogs who died of it just this past week.

Because we want to be safe, we took Zune to the vet this morning. His regular vet isn’t available, the clinic is closed for the holidays. So we took him to another animal hospital nearby. The doc checked his temperature and he is apparently running a fever. We left him there for further tests and observations.Β 

We all pray that he is well, and that we can take him home this afternoon.

Please pray for him too. My family would be very thankful for your prayers πŸ™‚


We just got back from the vet’s – Zune tested negative for Parvo! Thank God! πŸ™‚ He’s fever has died down too – that may have just been psychological after all.

He does have worms though so the doc went ahead and dewormed him. He also recommended that I give more multivitamins than we are already giving him daily. Plus cod liver oil for his coat. The woman there this morning is apparently from PAWS, and she was giving me tips too. She recommends that I add in malunggay leaves and virgin coconut oil to Zune’s food.Β 

I am so relieved! Thank you so much TRACY for the well wishes, I knew I could count on you πŸ™‚

Now I can sleep. I still have work tonight.
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