I got mail: BestBuy Gift Card!


I took a nap around noontime amidst the scorching heat and then woke up to see that mail was delivered while I was knocked out on the couch. As soon as I saw the envelope I knew it was mine and I knew what was in it!

Like a kid on Christmas eve, I excitedly opened the envelope, gave Dette’s note a quick read (thanks dear, I did read it first, promise 🙂 ), and turned all my attention to 1/3 of my first ever online winnings.

This travelled many many miles and had to take an airplane to reach me. Mammadawg sent it all the way from her corner of the world.

I checked out the Best Buy online store and was a bit disappointed that they don’t have international shipping, but that has never stopped me from doing any shopping has it? I don’t know what to do with the card yet, but will probably purchase something for a gift to send to a friend/relative in the US or purchase something downloadable. The possibilities are exciting. Haha. 🙂