Deal or No Deal – no more

Bongga yung dance number/entrance ng 26k girls for today’s show.  Apparently, it’s their last.  It’s our local Deal or No Deal’s last airing, how many seasons did they run?  Lately, it’s been really nice watching how Kris has been more comfortable and enjoying her time – dancing with the 26k or with her contestants.  

We’ve been hearing about the new show (Bingo?) that’s coming soon, but I thought that DND surely will be back  in a few months.  But as today’s show progresses, it looks like they won’t.  The other Kapamilya game show hosts are today’s contestants – Game Ka Na Ba’s Edu Manzano, and the Singing Bee’s Cesar Montano.  They’re playing for a community of aetas in Tarlac, who were affected by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption that happened a decade ago, but continues to cause challenges for so many families and communities.


There was a fire drill at ABS-CBN this morning, and well, Mother Ignacia was blocked off because there really were fire trucks (or maybe just one) for the drill.  My dad was picking me up and I had to meet him at the ELJ drive entrance instead.  Received a message from one of my agents saying he’s stranded outside the building until the fire drill is finished. Ugh. Had to call Workforce to let them know. 

When I finally got home, I realized that not only was Inday here for ironing day, there was Milo and his crew outside working on the roofing for our back porch.  I had anticipated some noise that will keep me up, but surprisingly, I fell asleep again on the couch without any effort. Another welcome surprise is that it wasn’t so hot this afternoon, definitely due to the rainshowers. 

We’ve had roofing installed on our doorstep and over the steps leading up to it, and then at our porch.  But after all these improvements we’ve not thought to finally put railings on the stairs. I guess it’s not that important now since mom’s potter plants serve to block any of the kids from getting too close to the edge.  Good thing I was blogging this because I just remembered that we’ve been meaning to have Zune’s fence properly made.  I’ve just asked dad now to ask Milo tomorrow how much it would cost to include fence installation this week.  Maybe we can finally give the makeshift fence some rest after two  years of service.  Besides, it’s high time we get something that people can open and shut conveniently when they need to pass, rather than step over like we do now. Haha.

I was at a leadership training all day at work, and I didn’t expect to, but I totally appreciated the theme of that particular training program.  If things like these are made available to more employees, NCO will really be loved better by it’s people. All day I was thinking about how I was going to blog about the experience, but too bad I didn’t take note of my thoughts and now I just can’t remember what they were! Haha. 🙂

Oh I did take a photo of my name tent. One thing that NCO invests in is an ongoing learning and development program for it’s managers and employees.  I’ve attended a lot of these trainings and everytime, without fail, we are asked to make name tents.  It’s become a tradition that starts from Accent/Foundation training.  I would write my name in so many different names, and include doodles. Today though, just a simple smiley was enough.


Mom is home from her work trip in Hong Kong.  But you know what?  I was more excited about having the camera back than the shirts she bought for us. LOL!