The Media vs the Police

That’s what seems to be happening with the tragedy of Trina Etong’s death.  Trina is the wife of broadcaster and former congressman Ted Failon, she took her life a few days ago by gunshot.  Failon and their house helpers allegedly found Trina in the comfort room where she locked herself in, and they rushed her to a nearby hospital.  She was in the critical care unit for the next day, before she died.  Failon, his sister-in-law and a brother-in-law, along with their driver and house helpers were arrested by the police for allegedly obstructing justice.  The police basis? They cleaned up the scene of the crime, and the car they used to take Trina to the hospital, and they did not report the crime to the police.

My take?  Would any family really call the police to report a suicide attempt?  Most of the time, families would like to keep this hush-hush. And they don’t know whether their family member will pull through or if they’re losing her soon.  

It’s sad, the police are probably really just trying to do their job, but in the process they’ve caused another tragedy to the Etong/Failon family on top of the tragic loss of a loved one.  The theory is that the police is acting this way because they have a lot against Failon, and ABS-CBN. Like it’s payback time. I sincerely hope not. The Commission on Human Rights is reviewing clips of the Failon family arrests to make sure that their rights were not violated in the process.

Here’s a link to the latest updates on the story, there are related links at the end of the story that are worth checking out too.