Boys Over Flowers

Did you watch Meteor Garden when it was all the hype back then? I did.  Xi Men (Ken Zhu in real life) was my favorite of the F4.  Now, ABS-CBN is airing the Korea version of the serye, Boys Over Flowers.


When I first saw the ads on TV about this version coming out, I had my doubts. I mean, Meteor Garden is what started the invasion of Asianovelas (TV series coming from Taiwan, Korea, and Japan) in Philippine television.  They really got us hooked.  I watched the series, and its sequel.  Friends talk about it. Was I working when this was shown? I remember talking about it at work too. Haha.

But I got to see the pilot episode on Monday, and I love it! So I watched it again on Tuesday, and again last night.  I like Jan Di’s character, you can see how strong she is from the start.  And I now have a huge crush on the Hua Zi Lei character – Ji Hoo.  He is so cute, specially when he tries not to smile.  That’s something to look forward to every night (and another reason to be late for work, ugh).