Project Natal

Have you heard of Project Natal? I went back to work yesterday and this was one of the buzz words I heard – though I didn’t pay attention. I went puttering about and tried to work, attended meetings, until the end of my shift.  Back home, I did my usual bloghopping and encountered Project Natal again.  I took time out to watch this video, and I was sold to Xbox’s newest innovation – Project Natal:


Back at work last night, while looking up some work-related information, I clicked on a link for information on E3 at and to no surprise there were videos there showcasing Project Natal.  If this video already sold me to the concept, the rest of the videos I watched at brought me over the top.

I don’t own a 360 but I’ve been tempted to get one before.  Good thing the boyfriend isn’t much of a console person.  But when he sees these videos, maybe he’ll be converted.