Walls of Hope

In reference to yesterday’s post, all went well at work last night. Everything was smooth sailing, except for the fact that my PC issues haven’t been sorted out yet (I know IT’s working on it though and I thank them so much for that). Thank you for those who wished me well 🙂

One thing though is that I feel like I haven’t been much help to my boss yet. I appreciate so much that he isn’t pressuring me too much, and he’s not trying to make me digest everything all in one go. But he needs to off-load a lot of work, he’s getting sick already! All I can really do is focus on the job at hand so I can be of real help sooner.

Before I transferred back to the program, they ran an incentive program that was supposed to be just in time for Thanksgiving. Agents earned tickets based on their positive customer satisfaction survey results, and these were raffled off today. There were sooooo many prizes. I gotta say, it beats previous incentives we’ve had whether in this program or the last one I was with. The drawing itself must have taken a full hour to finish.

Prizes included Cheetos and Doritos (consolation prizes clearly), but there were also a lot of home appliances like flat irons, DVD players, microwave ovens, colored TV sets (without the tv stand though), washing machines, and a lot more. Yes, all those are in the plural. The fun thing about the way the raffle was done was that we took turns drawing the names of the winners, and when the person was around, he/she would draw from the jar of prizes. I picked the name of one of our own agents, but he ended up picking a can of Pringles as his prize! LOL 🙂 The non agents in attendance (myself included) kept dropping side comments offering to buy the items from the winners, at very low prices of course. I have my eye on one of my agent’s prize – a sandwich maker. 🙂

Enough about my day.

While bloghopping yesterday, I came upon this wonderful project that aims to brighten up the walls of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center:

Here’s a description of the project lifted directly from their site:

Who are we?

Walls of Hope was initiated by a group of friends who have been brought together by their common attachment to the Philippine Children’s Medical Center. We were once patients, students and visitors of PCMC who have been inspired by the wall murals found around the hospital (esp. Gloria Villaraza Guzman’s Munting Patak-ulan).

What is Walls of Hope?

Most of the wall paintings in the hospital have already deteriorated or have been lost due to time. Walls of Hope is our way of giving back to the hospital that once catered to the health needs of our generation back when we were young. This is our attempt to help bring back the hope that the hospital walls has been known to give to its patients and to help sustain it to be experienced by future generations. The presence of these colorful murals is a powerful way of relieving stress and easing the hearts and minds of its visitors.

It is a 3-day event scheduled to happen on December 19-21, 2009. Volunteers are not required to be present during the whole duration of the event – even just an hour of your time already means a lot to us! The goal is to finish painting the whole first floor of the hospital in 3 days!

Click on the banner to hop to their page and find out how you can help out. I doubt if I can volunteer to do any painting, but I will look at other options on how I can donate. I’ve personally never been to the PCMC and have no relatives or friends who’ve had kids confined there, but I know that many kids walk these halls and they need a lot of cheering up, to say the least. I would love to help in any little way I can, I hope you would too.