That’s how much SPAM Akismet blocked on my blog since I last logged in, March 1st. A day and a half without logging onto my dashboard and that’s what greets me. Tsk.

I was still technically on my off yesterday but I wasn’t able to do any of the stuff I normally do online because of a headache that just wouldn’t go away. ­čÖü On Monday, my tonsils were bulging! I don’t care if that isn’t the right term, I diagnosed myself anyway. I just drank lots of water and gurgled with Bactidol, hoping it would go away. It still hurt to swallow yesterday but everything was finally okay when it was time to get to work. Headaches – gone. Tonsilitis – history! Daya no? Sick on your rest days. Tsk. ­čÖü

Pero okay na rin, I have a lot to do at work anyway. I would have worried about it anyway if I had to actually stay home…

Nakakainis┬álang when I can’t go online. Like today, I found that I lost two post opportunities, and then there’s the missed┬ápost and clicks for yesterday for Adgitize. But then again, I remind myself, this isn’t my bread and butter, so I shouldn’t cry over it. I mean, it’s better that I rest then get myself to work the next day than┬ákill myself just to go online and then stay sick and miss my real job. You know what I mean? Wala lang. Haha.

Oh and there’s another thing. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted for my Project 365! As in! I don’t even know if I missed any days in February, but I sure hope I haven’t. ­čÖü

So anyway, how much was the most number of SPAM you’ve ever received on your blog while you’ve been away?