OrbiTrac. Apparently, that’s what my mini-elliptical is called. Alfred and I set it up yesterday and of course I already tried it. I lasted about ten minutes on and off. It isn’t a ‘walker’ as I imagined it would be, it was more like jogging. And I never jog/run because I tire so easily. I am hoping this machine will help change that. I mean, there has to be a way to naturally boost my energy without having to resort to a chemical hgh releaser to do it for me right?

Anyway, I plan on gradually getting myself accustomed to the machine. So I’d take five-minute intervals on it, maybe three times each day for the first few days and then gradually increase that until I can go 30-60 minutes straight. It just might be the physical activity I need to get things going.

Here’s how it looks like (borrowed an image found via Bing search)

Except for the branding (mine says BodyTalk instead of OrbiTrac), everything else looks exactly alike.

At the mall where we bought this on Sunday, there was its giant cousin, a real heavy-duty elliptical. It was like you’re gliding through when you try it. I loved being on it. I couldn’t get it though, it was ten times more expensive than the mini version. I kid you not 🙁

Anyway, what’s your favorite exercise machine?