A couple I know is preparing for their wedding which will happen in four months. I’d already told them, without actually being invited yet, that I probably won’t be able to attend their celebration because the tickets we booked for Cebu that month has us flying back to Manila on the night of the wedding. On the last flight for the day. Of course, plans might still change. I’ll be starting at my new job in a few weeks, which means I’ll still be on probationary status at the time of the wedding. I may not be able to go on vacation to Cebu after all. Oh well.

So the bride-t0-be has been busy. I liked it when she used to tell me about their venue-hunting adventures. When they found the reception venue, I understood why they liked it. Now, she has time to relax, and concentrate on looking pretty for her pre-nup photos. She’s trying to lose some weight too, and we compare notes on top rated diet pills (though neither of us have actually tried them). She’s trying a drink formula now, and I think it’s supposed to suppress your appetite or make you feel full for the most part of the day. She says it does make her feel thirsty though. Next week, I’ll ask her for an update on her experience and then maybe give it a try. 😉

I have two agents also getting married next year. One of them has started preparing already, while the other hasn’t (I think). The first one even gave me an idea for a wonderful and fun giveaway for the wedding. It’s also something that suits us as a couple, I think. If I decide to get those for my own wedding, I’ll definitely share what that is. 😉

Alfred and I had a mild tiff last week, it was also about weddings. He mentioned that he cannot possibly give me a grand wedding in the likes of those that I’ve attended recently. Specifically, he says he can’t afford a big wedding like Mayeen’s. I was really disappointed with that comment. Who asked for a wedding like that? All I want is for all those important to us to witness our union, and to celebrate with us, with good food and entertainment. I know it will still be costly, no matter how simple we intend it to be. It will be expensive for the number of friends and family who will be invited. So I was disappointed not because he said that, but because he thought that I’m only after a big wedding or that I’d go for what my friends had. He just totally missed the point. The conversation started with a comment I made about not seeing him really preparing for it, and I still mean that. Whether it’s a big wedding or a simple one, I just don’t think he’s ready for it. That’s the sad honest truth.

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