Update on my Web Hosting

So I’ve been having trouble moving my blogs to FatCow right? There’s getting Alfred’s domain email to work again with Google Apps, and there’s the hassle of transferring my Newbie Photographer blog just as it is (it has been transferred now but I don’t have everything working the way I want them). I think that the problem with the transfer is more my fault than Fatcow’s but I’d have to say that they are not making it easier.

Then there’s a message in my Inbox of a $48 discount if I renew with Dreamhost right away. Now that’s a very tempting offer. If I take it, I’ll have to chuck the $35 cancellation fee from FatCow to bad experience. Or, if I look at it another way, my 48 dollar discount will just be smaller because 35 goes to the cancel fee. You know what I mean?

So I’m really considering staying with Dreamhost. I should really have planned the move to the new host better to avoid all the hassle. Sayang ang discount sa FatCow but I should have known better than to mess with something that wasn’t broken in the first place (I had no problems with my original host but considered to move because of the lower rates). Oh well. This experience is something that reinforces the fact that nothing is ever too easy or simple, just like there’s no way losing belly fat could be as easy as marketing for Abtronic X2 claims.

I have been wanting to share notes on long exposure photography on The Newbie Photographer, but the intended move kept me from doing so. As such, these lovely LE photos from our hotel in Cebu have been sitting unpublished. Might as well go ahead and share them now; these are all photos by the boyfriend, by the beach at our hotel in Cebu:

Be Resort by Bads Photography

The Hilton, photo by Bads Photography