Easy on a Sunday

One day has meshed onto the next. It’s 720 in the morning of April 10th. I started this day at 11AM of the 9th. Okay, I did sleep last night, from around 9PM or so til just before 2AM. Still, it feels like one whole day.

Maybe it’s because the boyfriend isn’t back yet? He left for a photo shoot at 2PM yesterday. He still ain’t back. In the interim, he missed a nice dinner for Shanti’s graduation thanksgiving and we were not able to go to his aunt’s birthday bash.

But there are my 2 Happy Meals to look forward to when he finally does get back. Those Rio toys are cuties. I don’t mind the kiddie sized meals Smile


Just before 6AM, Dad and I went for a ride. I drove around. Yes! I’m a driver now, albeit a student driver. Smile We took Dale – he’s my old/new Honda Civic – through the route I take to work. Then we went out to EDSA, up the Ortigas flyover and onto the Megamall. We plied through Shaw Boulevard, through Addition Hills, out to Wilson and then Greenhills. From there, it was the familiar route back home. I parked effortlessly at Jollibee, but that’s because there was no car parked to my left. I backed out just fine too, that time with cars on both sides!

It was easy driving, relaxed. I’d like to think my Dad wasn’t the least bit worried. Smile

I’ve had photos of Dale sitting in my phone from since Dad took him home, just couldn’t find the cable to transfer them all in one go. I will make that introduction soon! Smile