I don’t know why I feel so tired.

I work. I come home. I sleep. Or I veg out in front of the TV, watch movies I’ve seen before. Like now.

First there was Goonies, and then 2012. I’d seen both before, but I just can’t tear my body away from the couch nor my eyes from the TV. Yesterday it was Robin Hood (2010, Ridley Scott).

There doesn’t seem to be enough time for much else. I am hardly online, my blogs haven’t been updated for so long. Project Life’s been on hold.

I’ve got so many things to write about, and stuff I’d love to go into my Project Life. But I’ve no time for them. Or maybe I just don’t have the energy for them.

Remember the time when I could pick up a crochet needle and just do it? Or the time when I’d just sit down with my chain nose pliers and beautiful beads and string together nice bracelets or earrings. When was the last time I sat down to just read a book? Not read while waiting for an appointment, really make time to read a good book?

Feels like all I do lately is whine. So I’m going to stop now.

Maybe tomorrow this will all be over.

Meanwhile, yesterday was Philippine Independence Day. Happy Freedom Day Philippines! Here’s ABS-CBN’s new national anthem production: