My birthday is coming up in a few days – Friday is the day. I am turning 30!


What’s happening then? I’m still not sure actually. I do want to spend the day with friends and family. I think a birthday dinner with everyone would be fun. More fun if I actually prepared it, but we all know I won’t be able to pull that off. Haha.

But where will I have it? Where will I get the food? I’ll have to organize it tomorrow so there’d still be time to invite people over after ironing out the details.

This will be tricky. Bwahaha Smile

Oooh… I had recently linked my Gmail email to my domain email so I can receive them in one place. that turned out messy because all my all mail is coming through. Although there’s good in it because I am reminded of old friends I made through an online group I was a part of. Like rediscovering this birthday page they made for me 4 years ago. So there’s good in going through old mail too. I even read a few messages from a group member who already died of cancer. That was a fun, tight group of women from all over the world. Hmm…

Anyhoo, I gotta round up some money for this birthday bash. I don’t intend to get anyone drunk (my friends aren’t really the drinking lot – except my YP friends), but I guess I’ll have to make provisions for some drinking. I don’t suppose going through a list of effective alcohol rehab treatment centers would do any harm, having that info must serve someone some good SmileHaha!