Evernote: A Productivity App

This entry is inspired by Sir Scrapalot’s Evernote post. And sorry, this will be video-laden just because. Smile

I have had Evernote on my phone, iPad, and PC for awhile now, but I realize how I haven’t maximized it to its full potential. Here’s a cute ad for this app:


Here’s a very quick pitch for Evernote from its CEO:


So if you skipped the vids, what is Evernote? It’s your wireless, paperless, idea book. No. It’s your idea BAG. It’s a solution to keeping all the information in one place accessible to you – whenever, wherever.

It’s key feature is the ability to add Notebooks. This can be your categories. I think it personally just makes it easier to keep like ideas in the same place. In each notebook, you add notes.

Notes can be your typical typed note. But it can also be an Ink Note – handwritten with your pen tablet. It can be an Audio Note – for those days when you just want to say it and record it. Or it can be a Webcam Note – pretty much self explanatory. Smile

With a browser extension, you can even save clips from websites, or clip entire webpages onto your notes. It’s a like a bookmark – allowing you to save info and links that you can come back to at a later time.

In a way, it’s like Pinterest too, but there’s more you can do!

So far, I have Notebooks set up for each of my blogs in the hopes that I store idea posts in them. I haven’t used it much after the first week or so of finding Evernote. But going through Evernote vids today has just given me another dose of inspiration.

Now, I’ve installed the Google extension for the Web Clipper. So instead of bookmarking sites, I can just clip them onto Evernote!

Hopefully, in a month’s time I can come back to report how Evernote has helped my productivity. Smile