Thank you Livedrive

Thanks to Livedrive, we are surviving a hard drive crash. The other night, I turned on the power on my PC to boot but it wouldn’t spring to life. I knew then there was a major problem. I didn’t panic. I was a bit worried that some of the most latest photos we transferred to the PC would be lost – we’ve had unreliable Internet connection lately so I wasn’t sure they’ve been backed up.

I checked my backup via the iPhone app and it looked like things were intact. But I also then realized what we won’t be able to recover: photobooth photos from Amir’s baptism. The good thing is all those photos have been uploaded to Facebook. They are low-res photos though. Still, the memories will be preserved.

Alfred was very worried – he wasn’t sure if photos from their Tuguegarao roadtrip last month were backed up. He’s checked, they were. There would have been no way for him to recreate those photos, so we’re very happy they’re safe. I am currently having difficulties restoring the backups though, not yet sure if it’s a Livedrive issue or a problem with my connection again. I shall find out tomorrow.

Purchasing the Livedrive subscription was a very sound decision. I’d renew in March, that’s for sure.

Check them out. Sign up and backup your files automatically.