Qube and Sake


So my 3-4 year-old LCD monitor is actually 22 inches in size, not 19. We brought it into the Qube service center this afternoon. Looks like they can fix it, we’ll either pay 1000 pesos for just repair, or 1500 if any piece has to be replaced. We’ll go back for it in three days.

Three more days without my PC. I’ll survive.

But I’ve got projects I can’t work on because of this hitch:

– My blog overhaul. There’s been malicious attacks on both Verabear.net and The Newbie Photographer. The latter has been completely disabled so I need to rebuild. For this one, I’m thinking of taking this down to be built it up gain . I can’t do that on an iPad, nor on my dad’s work laptop.

– Organizing our photos. I took (or should I say ‘am taking’?) Kayla Lamoreaux’s Finding Photo Flow class. It’s really great. I haven’t gone through all the class content and haven’t really begun work on my cluttered photos (digital clutter of course).

– Project Life. Okay, it’s not my PC or the monitor that’s keeping me from this one… Smile


Just found out that my nephew AJ has a new puppy! I don’t know what breed of dog 6-month old Sake is, but he’s so adorable! I’ll take a photo soon and post, I’m sure his new family won’t mind. Sake, that’s a cute name isn’t it? I think my Zune senses him. He’s lying in front of the door as if waiting for something, or someone.


Also early this afternoon, my Dad asked about flash drives that go as much as 4G in capacity. I told him he should get a portable external drive instead so he can have all of his files handy. Later on though, I realized he can just use online storage. There are free options like SkyDrive and Oystor that would be sufficient for his needs. He would need to be online to access them though, and I guess that’s the only downside of it for him. Everything’s found online these days, and there are many solutions for mobility like the iCloud.

So many things online, I wish I could just telecommute for work. And still earn as much if not more than I do now. Hope. Long ago, job hunting has been brought online, even teaching, freelance, nursing, and physician jobs can be found online. But those jobs are still offline, if you know what I mean. Wouldn’t I love a job that would just all be online? Haha. I feel so at home online, maybe it’s because I find so many inspiration all over the place. Smile


Okay, sounds like I’m rambling? Yes I am. Trying to distract myself from looking at bags at the Cath Kidston website. I fancy this: