From My Reader: The Happiness Project


If you read Between the Covers, you know that I’m currently reading The Happiness Project. When the author embarked on her year long experiment to find Happiness, she also launched the Happiness Project Blog, today’s feature for From My Reader.


Through the blog feed, one can expect bite-sized doses of what the happiness project is all about – cultivating your own happiness. Each post comes with an idea, or a collection of ideas, on how we can find our own happiness, or how we can be happier. Like the book, it’s not all sunshine either. The author is true to her first commandment of ‘being Gretchen.’ When there is something bothering her, or if she is unable to stick to her resolutions – she owns up to it.

If you’d like to find out how you can fill your life with more rainbows and sunshiny days (not to be taken literally!), check out the blog. Then decide if you would like to read the book as well.