Plum Delite

Last week, one of my TLs sold me a product that promotes weight loss/detox.

It’s basically a prune. What sets it apart then from the regular supermarket prunes? Hmm. I don’t know yet. But just checking on the packaging, it looks like these plums are enriched with Green Tea, probiotics, and Pu-er Tea. It supposedly provides a good source of fiber, and promotes healthy bowel movement (for detoxification).

I finally got to try one today – the recommended intake is only one plum per day.

Photo Apr 15, 2 13 41 PM

It tasted okay. A little bigger and more chewy than your average prune. What’s the effect? Well, I took a dump soon after having lunch but I can’t really attribute that to the plum just yet. So we’ll see. What I do want to know is if it’s going to make me go more than once in a day. I can’t have that on work days, it would be too inconvenient. So I’ll continue to observe its effect on me today.

Each box contains 10 individually packed plum, and costs P940.00. Purchasing a box also automatically makes one a member of the organization that sells these – BWL group. If this works and really results to weight loss, I will definitely spread the word and sell these myself. When people come to buy their boxes and boxes of plums from me, they’d knock via our engraved door knocker which I would have bought by then just because we’re cool and all. Haha! Smile

Have you heard of this before? How do you find it?