Inti-Mate vs Strap Perfect

The Inti-Mate is currently on sale at my favorite group-buying site, CashCashPinoy:


A package contains 3 pieces of this ingenious product that keeps bra straps from falling over your shoulder. It may provide a nice little lift to your bosoms too SmileCCP has it on sale for P125 pesos per package.

In the meantime, the Strap Perfect is a similar product, just a different brand. This one is sold at The Little Emily Shop. Each pack contains 9 strap perfect kits, for only PhP25 per box.


I bought one pack before Christmas, and took advantage of Multiply’s free shipping promotion. I bought a bunch of other things from Little Emily and it didn’t cost too much. I’ve used a Strap Perfect on my bra almost every day because, well, straps and lifts have been an issue for me.

On the first few days, I liked how it worked but it felt uncomfortable on my back and it was like trying to dig a hole there. Haha! But then I eventually found a better way to put it on that wouldn’t hurt me.

I’d have to say – My P25.00 was well-spent. Smile

Photos courtesy of the online stores. I am not receiving any compensation for this post.