SMAC at Watsons

SM Advantage Card holders had a treat last July 31: a ten percent discount for pretty much anything inside the department store.

Alfred and I shopped for clothes the previous day. We didn't get 10 off for all items, but there was enough discount that it wasn't such a loss not waiting til next day to do it. I was wearing one of my new tops in this photo, taken on Friday afternoon:

It's gray and that heart in the middle are sequins. It has 3/4-type sleeves. And the material is light enough to wear on an afternoon.

Since there was no additional budget for a second round of clothes shopping, I just went toiletry shopping on the 31st to still take advantage of SMAC sale day. Here's my loot from Watson's:

The only item missing in the photos the second big bottle of body cream wash which I already started using before I thought of photographing the lot. You'll notice two types of a few items like the day pads, tissue, and even wet wipes. These are essentials that I need daily. I got a pack of the more expensive and less environmentally-friendly, individually-packed Carefree so I can take them with me in my purse of vanity kit. For hygienic purposes I need them packed but I really actually prefer buying the packs that use one plastic for all 15 or 20 pieces.

I also got travel tissue packs that fit in my regular bags, but also the mini ones that would be perfect for days/nights I only carry a purse/clutch or small bag. I also get big boxes of 100-200 pulls for my desk at work. When my current box runs out, I'll get the set of three boxes again. Big savings on those bundles.

My wet wipes also come in two sizes. I've been caught without wipes a lot of times and let's just say I feel better knowing I have some with me everytime.

Not only did I save 10% from each item, the huge 250ml bottles of body cream wash were on buy 1 get one offer. I got them in lavender and frangipani, smells soooo good. 🙂

To top it off, I also redeemed my SMAC points (all 659 pesos) so my cash out was only 99.46 pesos 🙂 If you're not yet an SM Advantage Card or BDO Rewards card holder sign up now! Get points for every peso you spend shopping (also saving and charging for BDO credit card holders) and eventually use the cash equivalent for future shopping sprees. I've bought toiletries a lot of times before with my points, or sometimes I get other items I wouldn't normally buy with my cash.