Blog Makeover

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I am back in business! I have managed to transfer my database backup, and also uploaded all of my site files – I am officially hosted by Dreamhost now! Woot woot!

Blog Makeover

I don’t know if this will actually take off or how much time and effort I’m going to be able to pour into this, but I’m venturing into doing blog makeovers. My repertoire is limited for now, but I’ll work on it 🙂

Check out this post. 🙂

On an entirely unrelated topic…

Back in the day (sounds like I’m refering to a long time ago don’t it?) I used to stay up in the wee hours of Sunday/Monday morning and watch episodes of the three CSIs (las vegas, miami, and new york). Sometimes I’d get to watch Chuck too. Since the move to the new team, and thereafter the change to weekdays off, I’ve been sleeping off most of my rest days. I’ve also been out shopping a lot instead. Hehe.

I was able to see an episode of CSI Miami the other day though. It must have been old because Speed was still around. Anyway, I used to just pass over DVD sets of CSI  previous seasons when I see those at video stores thinking that CSI episodes are for one-time viewing only. I mean, once you see it, there’s not much point in watching the episodes again. I’ve since changed my mind, I think. I wouldn’t mind getting the boxed sets.

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