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I hate Parallel Parking

I tweeted that title this afternoon, after minutes of frustrating over parking my car. I really hate parallel parking.

The road home is under construction.

Photo Sep 19, 1 05 57 PM

Since Monday, I’ve had to park by the roadside a block away. On the first two days, parking wasn’t such a hassle. Heading out at night though is close to nightmare. First, I’d have to walk through the messed up road. 

And then I’ll be greeted by dogs that love barking at the slightest sound. I own a dog, but I am terrified of dogs. I used to go around the back of the Chapel on my home just to avoid the dogs that were sure to be blocking my way. So anyway, because I have to get to work, I face the dogs and try to ignore them.

But then I’ll have to back up and maneuver the car for heading out. That has proven to be tougher each night. Tonight will probably be worse, but I hope not.

Now back to me and parking.

It’s still a hit or miss thing.  Parking. Months ago, I took this photo:

Photo Jun 30, 3 44 01 PM

I was happily within the two lines of my own parking space. Haha. That’s not always easy. Specially when you have cars on both sides, and at the slot behind you. It is not easy. Forward, back, turn. repeat two or three times. But that night, and on some nights, it was perfect.

On most nights though? It’s just three things – my car would be parked slightly in a slant. Or my wheels aren’t straight. Or I totally give up on my slot and takeover someone else’s. Like last night.

Then there’s parallel parking. When there’s plenty of space, I can do it. I’m sure any driver can. But when there’s just enough space for one car, uhm, I’m not so sure. One time, I called my dad to takeover. We were just outside the house and I couldn’t for the life of me, get it parked properly.

And there’s this time. In the end, I left my car slightly jutting out from the rest of the parked vehicles. Just slightly. I don’t think I’m in danger of getting hit by any other car since the road is closed anyway. Unless a big rv towing truck or a garbage truck forces its way thru the road. I think some would call the way I parked – park mayaman. Just like how this Mini Countryman is parked proudly behind St. Luke’s. Parang, no one will dare scratch me, hah! (we tooka

Photo Jul 06, 1 38 40 PM

Anyway, here’s another photo of my parked car, with a kitty parked underneath it:

Photo Jun 18, 11 30 08 AM

Were you hoping to see a photo of my haphazardly parked car? I was too frustrated to take a photo. Haha!

First Blood

I had a minor accident a few days ago – July 13th to be exact – I drew first blood.

No no no. There wasn’t any blood really. No one got hurt. Except my car. My green old/new Honda Civic. I planned on calling her Dale but it didn’t stick – we just call her the Honda or the Civic.

Since we got her, I’ve taken a lot of photos. All with the intention of posting them here – for posterity. Because I never got around to posting a proper introduction, her first public photo is going to be one of disaster –


This was taken a few minutes after the accident, at the office parking lot. We had gone out to lunch, the 500 club and myself. It was a good day though because we hadn’t actually spent 500 each for lunch. We did have dessert though – King Kong’s Revenge at Iceberg’s. But I digress.

After lunch, Ric and I headed back to the office. Along Aurora Boulevard, just a stone’s throw away from our destination, I bumped on a jeepney. It was traffic, things were slow. It just happened. Details aren’t important.

I backed up. Stepped down. The driver inspected his vehicle, he was without any damage. I didn’t see it at first, but there it was – my right headlight was busted. Fragments were laying on the ground. He didn’t seem like he was done. We were causing traffic, so I said let’s move to the side. We looked at stuff again. I think the uzis were trying to get him to have me pay up. I said I didn’t cause the dents on his jeepney because I clearly didn’t hit that side. So, we’re good right? He says he just wants to make sure I wasn’t going after him. Of course not. So we parted, and I drove off.

And there goes my first car accident. Whew. At least I’m over it. And it wasn’t anything major, all are safe. No one was hurt. Lesson learned.

But it’s an expensive lesson. Since my personal tax software says I can only deduct losses on unpaid claims filed to insurance, I’ll most likely have to give up on any thoughts of Varekai. I’ll also probably give up on my bag lust for the Clay Planetes. And the boyfriend will definitely not get help from me to get himself a new ps3 slimline. Hahahaha. I’m exaggerating! But seriously. If human lives is the first consideration for why we must drive safely, second would be the cost of repairs! Winking smile

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