Here’s another blog I keep going back to. I remember first following Dee via tblog, and then when she moved to her self-hosted blog I kept on her stalking her there too. When I started reading up on her blog, she wasn’t a mom yet. Now her son Z is a little man, and her daughter E is such wonderful and bright little girl. Her mom’s model for her fantastic photography! Smile

Isn’t she cute? This photo was grabbed from Dee’s Flickr pool and is also on her blog, DeePerrin.Com.

She writes about all sorts of things, she even has a craft blog (is it still around?) where she posted a tutorial for cute little pillow case dresses that she made for her little girl awhile back. Those were really cute! I wish I was more crafty and could make dresses and such so I admire those who can really make good stuff.

Now going back to this little girl, doesn’t she look like she could be a model for girls dresses? She’s so pretty and obviously loves the camera. Of course, I’m sure it helps that the lady behind the lens is her dear mom. Yes, have I mentioned that Dee does amazing photography? Go check her out already! Smile

I’d been thinking lately about Dee’s blog, and her daughter, and this online store for pretty dresses for little girls. The thing is, the memory that stands out while I think about that combination, is my grandmother and how she used to sew our dresses. It’s sad that none of us kept those vintage clothes, but they were really something. Shanti and Butchik were the last ones to receive handmade clothes by Lola, at least that’s what I remember.

To this day I still dream about someday being able to sew beautiful clothes, even if just for my future daughter or for myself. I actually love dressing up and weight issues have kept me from donning dresses more often. Ugh.

I Am Thankful

I may not have the best job in the world (and I say this only because it’s WORK, and not because I don’t really like it), and I certainly don’t have everything I want. But this one’s for sure: I have much to be thankful for.

I have always said that I had a wonderful childhood. I grew up with a loving family around me – a big one at that. There may only be mom, dad, and my big brother in this small unit, but there was never a lack of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins as I was growing up. I also had lots of opportunities to be a kid and to discover who I was going to be. For that, I will always be grateful to my parents. And I will always thank God for choosing them for me 🙂

I will have to admit, I don’t always look forward to going to work. Everyday I wake up and know I have to go, so I do. But when I get there already and I start working – I do it without grudging. After all, no one is forcing me to be there. And truth be told, I love what I do. I love that the work challenges me until I sometimes become frustrated. The stress that comes with the job? I welcome it too. Yes, I would still choose to stay home and bake and blog all day if it can pay for all my bills, but that doesn’t mean I hate what I do now. I don’t. Whenever I pray, I say thanks for the job that I have, and the opportunity to work with a lot of people on a daily basis.

I am not at my healthiest – I think I was there maybe six or so months ago – but cheers to health and well-being!  Tons of self-discipline and one big lifestyle change is what I need. Thank you in advance for the healthy mind and body that I know I will someday achieve. Someday soon I hope. 🙂

Thank you for another year to do all that we didn’t do in years before. Isn’t it great that we are given the chance to live our lives a day at a time, and a new year offers so many possibilities. This year, we hope to do more, and be more. And let me say that I am thankful to have the boyfriend to continue with this journey. 🙂

There’s so much more I should be thankful for and it will bore you to pieces to read all about it. So let me just sum up by saying THANK YOU for being in my life. You may be a passing stranger who happened to read my blog or a very dear personal friend who just likes stalking my blogs, all the same, your visits are appreciated and your comments are most welcome ;).

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How can anyone with a baby in the house do anything but gush over the baby? 🙂

Amir’s just about three weeks old but we feel like he’s been around so long, he’s been integrated into everyone’s routine. Even Zune is used to having him around already. Zune’s reaction to Amir’s arrival deserves a whole post of its own. 🙂

Here’s a photo of two of my favorite males of the species:

Amir and his dad

Say Hi! to my nephew Amir, and his Dad, my brother Vlad.

Beloved Prince

After much ado about baby names, my brother and his wife finally chose a name: Davin Amir. It means Beloved Prince. The name was chosen around the same time that our little angel was born into this world, at 1:24PM on the day before Christmas.

Davin is a Scandinavian name that, according to sites for baby names, means Beloved. Amir, on the other hand, has Middle Eastern origins and means Prince. We started to look into names that meant prince or ruler after learning that my brother’s name meant “renowned prince” or popular ruler, or also “to rule with greatness.”

He is the greatest blessing we have all received in 2010. For that, we look forward to a prosperous and an even happier 2011.

From our home to yours, Have a Happy and Safe New Year! 🙂

Doesn’t he look so cute? At the rate we’d been shopping for him, we’d all be needing payday advances to get through until next payout! haha! 🙂

Gift List for Christmas 2010

I am not talking about my own Christmas WishList this time around 🙂 This time I’m trying to sound off on who I want to give gifts to this year, and what.

image from iStockphoto

Of course topping my list is our soon-to-arrive baby boy. I still haven’t decided what to get my tiny little nephew as we welcome him to this world, but thank you so much for all your suggestions. Clothes seem to be the most popular suggestion, probably the easiest too. Somehow though, my heart wants something else, I just don’t know what that is yet. Sorry, I’m weird that way. So a gift for the baby would be my gift for his parents too, haha! Or not. I should get something for Kuya and Diane’s new home even if I don’t really want them to move out after the baby comes.

Next of course, is my Mom and Dad. Dad has mentioned that he wanted another chip for his videoke microphone, the Magic Sing. The thing is, I already got him a chip last year and I don’t feel like giving the same thing again (although a different chip, I’m sure). Ma would like something else, for sure. If I was so rich that I could give iPads as gifts, I’d get her one. Maybe an iTunes gift card instead so she can select her own apps and games to enjoy on my iPad. Simple, but something she will definitely enjoy.

For the boyfriend, I mentioned his wishlist on my wishlist post awhile back. By the way, he bought us trainers this morning! We were at our former office and there was an Adidas sale. We got our new shoes for 50%. Yay! So he’s scratched one item from my list, but since it was at half price, he’ll still get me two more items. It will probably both be cameras! Haha. 🙂 I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of our shoes (which actually match!) because he took them up to the room as soon as we got home, but they’ll have their day on the spotlight soon. But I still don’t know what I’ll get him. Probably another pair of shoes from Vans, and something for his photography. Maybe an upgrade to flickr pro. Or a whole new redesign of Badodong.Com as a gallery rather than a blog.

For my Grandpa, what shall I get? A new pair of shoes maybe? It is difficult to get him footwear, I tell you. Haha. I think he still doesn’t want to receive any more shirts/polo shirts because that’s what everyone gives him, hehe. I don’t think he’d like to receive a walking stick though he probably needs it. So what can we get him?

Sigh. I’ve only listed a few people at this point and already I’m exhausted! I haven’t even started shopping yet! Waaaaahhhhh 🙂

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