Mr. Brightside

For the past three weeks, we have been hooked on this game, and this song has become one of our favorites from the playlist:

Since I started with my current account a year ago, I’ve only taken advantage of the availability of Xbox 360s on the floor a few times. I tried Halo, but that isn’t really for me. I just couldn’t shoot that well. I tried Viva Piñata too. I liked it, but didn’t get to play too much because our agents would rather borrow other games (like UFC). Then there was Guitar Hero. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. It was like the day would not be complete without us borrowing the console, setting it up in our bay, and then playing a few songs.

I’m still at Medium level. Wondering when I’ll finally get up a notch to Hard.

I love the melody of Mr. Brightside, and another The Killers song too – Human. Here’s the band’s video (which is way better than the recorded one of a player playing the song on Guitar Hero World Tour):

I’ve never thought of owning another gaming console since we last owned a Play Station (the first edition, the gray one) years ago. But having games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band make me just want to own one again!

Alfred’s friend gave him his old Play Station 2, it’s the fat one and needs to be serviced. We’ll take it to Greenhills one of these days and see if it still can be repaired. I’m sure though that we won’t be spending on a GH or RockBand. We just don’t have that money lying around. There are cheaper alternatives though, I wonder if they’re any good?


On a totally unrelated note… Have you seen the 2010 Starbucks Planner? Have you seen their new cakes and breads just in time for Christmas? I plan to have a separate post about this but I just had to say – this season is killing my weight loss dream! As in! I am supposed to stay away from all the sugar in the coffee, and from the cakes. But I’ve been to Starbucks two days in a row! Talk about sabotaging my own plan.

I might just have to follow the boyfriend’s suggestion: take a weight loss diet pill! No no no! Not just yet.

I <3 Facebook

When I first heard of Facebook, I had no interest in signing up. Now, the day is incomplete without a dose of FB.

You know Friendster? Check out my page there –  You won’t see much there though. I seldom update and I rarely log on.  Because of my non presence in Friendster, I distanced myself from social networking sites like it.  I figured it just wasn’t my thing. There was Hi5, and MySpace, but I ignored both.

Then a few months ago, I finally signed up for Facebook, and life has never been the same. Haha!

I love how easy it is to see updates from friends and family, and how easy uploading photos could be.  But the best thing? The applications.

Restaurant City!

And now – Guitar Geek!


I don’t care much for Mafia Wars, but so many of my FB friends are hooked.

I got hooked on Restaurant City probably a week ago. It’s just cute, and fun. It’s tough deciding what to spend hard earned RC money for. Should I get porcelain tile or glass ones?  Do I fix the outside, or spend all my money for indoor improvements?  What makes them cook faster?

Do you FB?

**I had this all typed up last night, why didn’t it publish?

Project Natal

Have you heard of Project Natal? I went back to work yesterday and this was one of the buzz words I heard – though I didn’t pay attention. I went puttering about and tried to work, attended meetings, until the end of my shift.  Back home, I did my usual bloghopping and encountered Project Natal again.  I took time out to watch this video, and I was sold to Xbox’s newest innovation – Project Natal:


Back at work last night, while looking up some work-related information, I clicked on a link for information on E3 at and to no surprise there were videos there showcasing Project Natal.  If this video already sold me to the concept, the rest of the videos I watched at brought me over the top.

I don’t own a 360 but I’ve been tempted to get one before.  Good thing the boyfriend isn’t much of a console person.  But when he sees these videos, maybe he’ll be converted.

Ikariam Beach Hunks

There was an update for Ikariam a few days ago, and among the changes I’ve noticed are these little guys basking in the sun when a town’s mood is happy:

beachikariamYet another reason to enjoy Ikariam.

Oh, on a different matter…

I bought a kit from Funky Playground Design’s One Dollar Deal promo:


Isn’t it fabulous and a steal for one dollar? 🙂

I got through!

I finished the level I was talking about yesterday! I didn’t get the Super Goal but I did breeze right through the next level, the mini game, and then the last one. So Grandpa has been rescued by Jill and I’m on to the next level. As it turns out, the Egypt level was only the second that I’ve finished, I’m off for the third!


I’m a little sad because my family is going on a picnic to my grandpa’s rice fields in Nueva Ecija tomorrow. I’ve never been there and it looks like I won’t be going with them tomorrow. My shift’s until 9am and I wasn’t able to ask my boss in advance for a leave. I could probably ask to render just a half day’s work but I’m not confident to ask. After all, there’s no emergency. I can’t just follow after shift because the place is at least three hours’ drive away from here. My cousins and their kids are all going. Of course gramps will be there too.

Oh well. Just imagine the photo ops I’d be missing…

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