Project Life

Window Shopping

There are so many gorgeous digital scrapbooking products released this weekend but I’m keeping myself from making any purchases. I figured I should make more Project Life pages first before I even thinking about adding supplies.

Here’s a few stuff I’ve been crushing on:

Filler Notecards 6 by Gina Miller



6” photo strips:


There are more, everywhere. Specially spring and Easter themes. Browsing through blogs and galleries has been inspiring, but it’s also getting to be very tempting to buy more supplies. That would be hoarding for me because I don’t really use them! This hobby can be very addicting too. I look at these stuff like how, I imagine, cigar smokers would look like cigars at BnBtobacco. Speaking of tobacco, if you’re celebrating a graduation this season, go get your cigars from

As for me, it’s all window shopping. No credit card swiping happens tonight. Smile



Before 2012 began, I’d been thinking of my one little word. The one little word that would guide and inspire me this year. On the third day of the year, it just came to me. My word would be START.





Come into being; begin or be reckoned from a particular point in time or space.


The point in time or space at which something has its origin; the beginning of something.


verb.  begin – commence – initiate

noun.  beginning – outset – commencement – inception – onset

There are so many things that I aspire for – so many that I want to do. This is the year to begin working towards achieving them. Nay, this is the time to start living my dreams.

Many times, we are stuck at where we are (it don’t matter where we want to be) because we fail to even begin to take the first step. So this year, I shall take many first steps, and hopefully still have enough in me to keep on going.

Learn more about Ali’s One Little Word movement. I didn’t sign up for the class (it must be fun though) but I chose a word and choose to be inspired by it.


It took the entire afternoon to scan 65 photos. Time well spent. Smile That afternoon’s equipment:


Dad’s laptop. The boyfriend was playing Black Ops on the PC.


My flat bed scanner. We’ve had this for awhile and it works perfectly. You just plug it into a USB port, install the driver, and you’re good to go. It doesn’t have its own power supply, just USB powered.

It’s pretty quick too. I remember having to scan pages upon pages of a book on the boyfriend’s old flatbed and it was an excruciating experience. This was years ago and scanners were expensive and really slow. I could almost imaging how tough the job of archivists are. Haha.

The OEM CD that came in the box had already been broken so I had download a driver for the scanner. It’s available in the Canon website so no worries. After installing the driver, the scanner worked seamlessly with MS Paint. I think it would have worked with any photo editing software too but I didn’t try. It would have been nice to have the scanning software to work with. That one let you scan multiple photos at the same time and it would recognize and save each photo individually – no cropping needed! Another nice thing about it is that even if your photos were crooked or not lined up straight, it was okay. 

I had the music playing while working on this. But I was also alternately chatting with my parents about the photos. We were supposed to go out for a drive that afternoon, but ended up just staying in. Again, time well spent anyway. Smile

Project Life Starts Now

If I were still working in NCO, today would have marked my 6th year anniversary. I also would have been the only one from Wave 6 to still have been there. Check out last year’s Happy 5 Years post.

What happened in the last 365 days? A lot. I wish I had a photo for each day to tell the story.

But I don’t. Hopefully though, by this time next year I’d have a full album to look at to remember the year that was. It could be a photo-a-day, or just a spread for the week. I’m not sure how it’s going to shape up, but I am so excited.

Tracy, thanks again for inspiring me and leading me to Project Life.

Last week I laid down the cover and end pages. This is how the first version looks like, but I doubt it will remain the same until next year.



Yesterday I added our very old family photograph:


The photo is old, and needs to be restored. I hope I can find a reliable shop to entrust it with.

I posted a scanned version of that photo in Facebook, and my mom left a comment giving insight into the occasion it was taken. I’ll share a better view, and the story behind the photo some other time. Smile

I will be printing yesterday’s photo and will be adding it into the album today. The journalling for that is actually already done. I don’t know if there’s going to be a picture for today or not, but I hope there will be Smile

The PL Kit has a lot of these journalling cards included, and I have set aside two each designs to carry with me wherever I go so I can take down notes anytime.

journal cards

I am so excited already and have so many ideas for this album. I can see it branching off to at least two projects, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself and so I’ll just take each day as I go for now. Amazing.

In the meantime, fill yourselves with more Project Life inspiration from the wonderful Ali Edwards.

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