Videoke Night Out

After a week of talking about it, we finally went out to a night of videoke fun last night.

Everyone in the team was there so that was good. I think everyone had fun too though it did end a little too early. Haha.

There’s definitely something more that I’d like to write, I just don’t have the energy anymore. Perhaps tomorrow. 🙂

7 random facts about yours truly

I did not visit digital scrapbooking blogs over the weekend because I was catching up on reading local gossip, as I mentioned in my previous post. So when I saw Vicki’s comment today about the tag, I was thrilled.

I enjoy visiting Vicki’s blog and it is NOT just because of the freebies that she gives away. Oh okay, in the beginning that was the draw to her site. She designs kits that are vibrant and colorful. But that’s not all, she also talks about her life and posts pictures of her dogs Pompey and Lily (those two are superstars!).

Anyhoo, so she tagged me today and the reason it’s special is that I’m just one of her regular readers. I just pass by and politely say thank you for her gifts. I didn’t think she would remember me for a tag, know what I mean? But I’m happy that she did 🙂

So here are 7 random facts about me:

  1. I was a Sunday School girl. Me and my friends always looked forward to all the fun we would have on Sundays. I especially remember and enjoy the productions we would put up every Christmas and in the summer.
  2. I am a thespian at heart. I used to be part of a children’s theater group. I loved acting onstage and singing most especially. Later in highschool, I preferred being backstage and cherished those times that I was part of productions that people loved to watch.
  3. My secret wish is to become a Stay at Home Mom when my time comes.
  4. I belt out and really sing my heart out whenever there’s Videoke around. My brother bought one but you can’t hear sound from the mic so much. Apparently, we need to buy an amplifier for the sound to be really great. I am so tempted to spend on that amplifier, but I am leaving it up to my brother to make that purchase too.
  5. I am a chocoholic, so is the rest of my family. Which means there’s one choco hazard or another for our little Zune here. We’re careful about choco crumbs and we keep him off the sofa whenever we share chocolate bars. Hehe.
  6. Through my cousins on the mother’s side, I have three nephews aged 3-7 and 4 nieces aged 8-12. From cousins in my father’s side of the family, I have 4 nieces aged 1-14, and 4 nephews aged 1-5.
  7. I am checking out options for me to attend a baking course this summer. I really hope I can make it happen.

So those are my 7 random facts. I tried not to repeat things that I’ve already posted about at one point or another, but that’s hard because I ramble on and on about this and that!

I am now tagging three wonderful women. Girls, please write 7 random things about yourselves. Link back to me. And then tag three others 🙂

Tracy – She’s a very talented designer who lives two cities away from me. I’m hoping we could meet up soon sis 🙂

Kiss – I see this mom of 3 every night at work, but there’s no time to just chat no?

Everth – Classmate from gradeschool through highschool. Mommy to Vien. Kakainggit mga posts mo about projects with Vien! 🙂

Chika, Chismis, Kwento. GOSSIP!

I have spent the last 5 or 6 hours cruising through two blogs: Brian Gorrell’s and Chikatime.
Yup, I’ve been reading posts between the two blogs and have been introduced to juicy gossip and intrigues involving Manila’s ‘high society.’

Personally, I do think that anyone born into privilege should take the initiative to do good for those who are less fortunate than them. Simply because they have the means, and at times, the clout. So, anytime I see, read or hear about brats who throw money away or who have no care at all about the world around them, I get mad.

I remember back in college, I heard these rich kids talk about not getting 1.0 and the condo unit the dad would give her after graduation. Or was it a car? Okay, I don’t remember anything else about how that conversation went about but I do remember thinking how trivial their concerns were. There were so many other things happening around them.

At some point though, I realized that I shouldn’t trivialize what they consider their problems. Sure, there are more people out there confronting graver issues in their lives, but if they think a 1.25 grade is a big deal, then they are entitled to that too. Each person has his/her own shit to worry about right?

Still when you read about society’s It girls and boys (and gays) indulging in so many excesses and how they have never known a day of real hard work, it still irks something in you. Something in me wants to bash their heads on a wall just to get them to look at things at a different perspective: they could use their status and influence for something more – much more.

But if they really are wasting their lives in drugs – then they must really have big issues. They need help. I wish they get that real soon.

Finally you get to see the Truffles!

I’ve been munching on these a lot lately:

Yes, ever since watching the 7th Heaven marathon on Studio 23 during the Holy Week and the twins lured the others into telling them their secrets over cookies and milk. I also discovered Double Stuff Oreos during a rare errand to MiniStop and have found it difficult to resist grabbing a pack (or two) when I see the shelves restocked.

I was exceptionally happy then to see Bakerella’s recipe for the yummy truffles. As I posted on the 24th, I finally made them:

I love them – very much. It took a lot of willpower to resist eating every piece in this package that I brought with me to work. All I thought was that I brought them to share and that I had to make them last until morning when Alfred comes in and that helped curb my desire to gobble them up.

I’ll make more on Tuesday or Wednesday because one of my friends at work wants to bring some on his out of town trip. Mmmhmmm.

Remember Vonda Shepard singing that in the intro credits to Ally McBeal? I’m listening to her music as I surf through the net. I just love the soundtrack for that TV series. I got the two CDs they came out with but I can’t seem to find them. So I’m listening through Music Messenger. It makes me feel good to sing along to those tunes. Even the slow ones lift me up. I’m not sure why.

Leona on Idol, and Zune’s getting better :)

Leona Lewis was on Idol this week.

Bleeding Love isn’t my favorite but she is a great performer and a talented singer so I still enjoyed seeing her there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful song but it just doesn’t showcase her vocal range much. I’ve only really ‘heard her’ through Music Messenger and I really liked her in the other songs I heard. I didn’t really love the original, but her version of A Moment Like This got me stop working when I heard it. It got me thinking whether it was her original!

Too bad Carly’s been eliminated; that leaves Syesha as the last of the power house singers among the girls (Ramielle and Carly being the two others). It was such a shock that Brooke was able to hang on, but good for her too because she gets to have a chance to redeem herself next week.

I would be heartbroken (hehe) to see Jason Castro go when his time comes – I like him but I don’t think he’s top two material. But I am not America so I may be wrong again.

Zune has not been well this week, but he is better today. He’s running in and out again, and he’s been barking at strangers coming to our door again. Looking forward to him getting better still so he can take a bath! We took him to the vet on Wednesday morning and I was touched that the doctor sent me a text message just now checking up on him. How sweet!

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