Leona on Idol, and Zune’s getting better :)

Leona Lewis was on Idol this week.

Bleeding Love isn’t my favorite but she is a great performer and a talented singer so I still enjoyed seeing her there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful song but it just doesn’t showcase her vocal range much. I’ve only really ‘heard her’ through Music Messenger and I really liked her in the other songs I heard. I didn’t really love the original, but her version of A Moment Like This got me stop working when I heard it. It got me thinking whether it was her original!

Too bad Carly’s been eliminated; that leaves Syesha as the last of the power house singers among the girls (Ramielle and Carly being the two others). It was such a shock that Brooke was able to hang on, but good for her too because she gets to have a chance to redeem herself next week.

I would be heartbroken (hehe) to see Jason Castro go when his time comes – I like him but I don’t think he’s top two material. But I am not America so I may be wrong again.

Zune has not been well this week, but he is better today. He’s running in and out again, and he’s been barking at strangers coming to our door again. Looking forward to him getting better still so he can take a bath! We took him to the vet on Wednesday morning and I was touched that the doctor sent me a text message just now checking up on him. How sweet!

Truffles a la Bakerella

Yesterday after work, we took Zune to the vet for a checkup. He’s been weak and has not been eating much lately. They checked his temperature and found he had a slight fever, they tested his blood but didn’t find anything. He has some meds to take and he does seem to be a little better today. Thank God.

After Alfred left for work just as soon as we’ve had lunch, I set out to do the Oreo Truffles from the famous Bakerella. I’ve been wanting to make those in about 3 weeks and only got the time and the cream cheese yesterday. They are so easy to make (although my hand kinda hurt after all the crushing, a food processor would have really come in handy) and they turned out very very yummy. I took some to work last night and those who tasted it liked it 🙂

I took pictures, but I couldn’t find the cable for my camera so I’d have to delay posting those. I made 46 small round truffles and the choco coating wasn’t as smooth as Bakerella’s. I used Semi-sweet baking chocolate because that’s what’s available to me. I will make those again sometime soon. To give away or to sell even. 🙂

I didn’t coat all of the balls in chocolate last night because I had to go. I wanted to do them again this afternoon but something is off with my chocolate – it just wouldn’t melt to the right consistency! I think it’s most probably because I refrigerated the semi sweet choco chips last night, and I probably shouldn’t have. So I only managed to coat a few pieces today. I will bring them to work again tonight. Hehe. Then tomorrow is another day for truffles! 🙂

No more pain, please!

Last night and all through this morning, I had a very bad headache. This is the third month it’s been like that. I’ll swing by my doctor’s office tomorrow because I don’t want that again next month. The pill has got to be changed.

I started feeling the headache coming up while I was singing along to the videoke at my aunt and cousin’s birthday bash yesterday, probably at around 4pm. I blamed it on the fact that I hadn’t had a wink of sleep since getting up for work the previous night. I went back and took a dip in the pool and had my little nephews massage my head a bit. The shower after seem to have given me some comfort – but not for long.

The pain became a little stronger on the trip home, specially when I had to sleep at an uncomfortable position, having to share the backseat with three other sleeping boys – AJ 3, Esban 6, and Adam 7.

I had a temporary reprieve from pain when we stopped for a light dinner at McDonald’s and I bought a cooling Starbucks frappuccino next door. I didn’t sleep the rest of the way home, my nephews wanted to sing. It was straight to bed as soon as we arrived home at around
9pm. I didn’t even bother to download the few pictures I managed to take. I woke up several times through the night with the pain really giving me a hard time, and the heat making matters worse. Medication wasn’t something I wanted to resort to at that point, I was determined that sleep was all I needed. But at 6 in the morning – it was just unbearable. My mom said I should just take the meds, or go to the hospital. I took the pain medication and my dad used this massaging contraption on me. There was temporary relief with that, but the pain came back as soon as it stopped. I waited about 15 minutes but the nagging pain was still there. I felt like throwing up and remembered what the ER doctor told me last time: if I threw up, I had to go back and see them. No. So I went back to sleep.

At 10AM, I woke up and the headache was gone. I was still feeling heavy. When I went to the john, I saw a small brownish spot. All that pain for that!

I swear I feel it coming back right now. It’s like it’s lurking. Like the medicine temporarily numbed me to it but it’s still there. It’s not supposed to come back though, the doctor said the medicine has a 24-hour effect. I’ve only had it in my body for a little more than 12 hours.

Please, I don’t want anymore of it.

Enrich your vocabulary while donating free rice!

I was browsing the World Food Programme website today and found a link to a nice and fun way to continue making a difference. The link led me to Free Rice; all I did was play a word game and I ended up donating 1260 grains of rice and I am on Level 37 for my vocabulary!

Now 37 is not even the average score, which disappoints me, hehe. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back to that site, play the game, and donate more grains of rice. You should go play too.

I am skipping Thursday Thirteen this week, but you may check out my old TT’s here and here.


Okay, so boyfriend was away for about 4 to 5 days last week having fun in the sun. Now, he’s been hanging around here for, hmm, about 3 days? Not bad.

That means Patapon is back in town too and I’ve been playing and getting victories (ok, I’ve lost several times too). This is one game that Alfred won’t be beating me at. He just doesn’t have much rhythm (he said that).

So anyway, I was out bloghopping and going through my bluemoon email that’s subscribed to a sharing group. Through either of those (I don’t remember which one in particular), I stumbled upon a wonderful new blog that I’ve added to my digiscrapping blogroll.

It’s Kirsty Wiseman’s blog and you’ve got to go and visit.

She gives away lovely overlays that you can you use for digital scrapbooking but what I loved about her blog was reading about her 12-year old daughter Ellie (or Belle as she is fondly called). She has a special condition that requires further medical attention and they are flying her to the US just for that. To cover for her journey, Kirsty and family and friends have put up the Ellenor Wiseman Trustfund to raise money. You can purchase a raffle ticket as your way to donate to her cause or just simply donate through PayPal.

As for me, I’ll be purchasing the collab kit that some designers have put together for Belle. It’s available at nuts4digi.

Anyway, it’s almost 3PM, way past bedtime – I’ve got work tonight at 11. Oh well.

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