It’s been awhile since I went anywhere with my parents so when the opportunity was there on Sunday, I took it. Mom and Dad always loved to go on weekend drives, or just go malling. There was a time in our lives, just a couple years back, when that had to take a backseat because it was an expensive ‘hobby,’ but I’m glad that they are able to find time to do it again these days.

Mom heard about this theme farm in Mendez, Cavite (near Tagaytay) and thought it would be nice to go there and bring along my nephews Esban and AJ. She was hesitant to take the latter because he’s too excitable and she might not have the energy to keep up with him. So I volunteered to go with them to help with the kids. I volunteered despite the fact that I would be coming from shift, and would surely be sleepy. 🙂

As is turns out, AJ couldn’t go, so it was just the ‘rents, Esban and myself.

He had his GameBoy with him though he didn’t play with it as much as I thought he would. The only time I wished we didn’t let him bring it along was during lunch when he refused to finish his food and then just pretended to be too involved in his game. The thing is, he was sleepy by then and I guess he was trying to hide it by just playing.

Mom brought along a tubao – a piece of cloth made by local/ethnic communities in Mindanao and used as head turbans, among others. I used to have a lot of those that I carry as my hanky. When I was younger and used to tag along in roadtrips with my parents, my mom would toss me a tubao or two and I’d just let my imagination run along and while away the time playing with those. As for my nephew, it kept him busy for 2 minutes, tops. But that’s also because he kept talking to me too. I had him singing, counting, spelling simple words, all the way to our first stop – Tagaytay.

We had lunch at Leslie’s where this picture was taken with the lovely view of Taal Volcano in the background. It was so cold up there, I tell you. It was unexpected at high noon!

ParadiZoo was just in the next town and though we missed a turn, it wasn’t too difficult to find it.

Given that it was a Sunday, the place wasn’t as full as we thought it would be. And it wasn’t scorching hot at all, the sun was actually just perfect for a stroll.

We all had a grand time, my nephew looked so happy and we could tell he was excited all throughout. My mom probably spent more than she anticipated, but it all seems worth it.

As for me? I had a blast too. And I didn’t get tired as easily as I thought. I did sleep most of the way home though. Esban and I both. Hehe.

I am looking forward to scrapping the photos we took, maybe this time I’ll do a better job at adding journalling. Good luck to me! 🙂

Day 1

I started with the Balancing Days yesterday (Monday) and though I guess it should have kept me full, I was looking for more food. Haha. Critical was the chicken I should have eaten for lunch, but since I didn’t know how to cook the recommended recipe, I settled for something less filling. For today’s lunch, I’d either convince my brother to cook, or ask my cousin to cook for me.

I’m sure I will drop pounds these these four days of controlled eating, and it’s good that I started it during my off. Problem is how I would sustain Days 3 and 4 while at work, starting tonight. I’d have to pack a lot of fruits to take with me…

Rant alert – Floor support

I’ve been feeling somewhat stressed at work lately. Yes, it has something to do with the fact that my team is at the bottom of the rankings for the most important metric of all; but it’s really that, combined with a lot of other factors.

I stress about my agents taking very long calls. One, because I don’t want them to stray too far from the target and end up in PDP – for their sake. Two, because I don’t want our team totals to be far off the charts either – my ass on the line. And three, I know how hard it could sometimes be to control each and every call – it’s the agent in me that gives that reminder.

Night after night, we have to watch out for agents with calls going over a specified threshold. At any given time, there could be 2 to 4 of them. Or, there could be none. Add the long calls to the fact that there’s just not enough of them scheduled for the shift, then we’d have to pull out more tricks just to make sure someone will be available to answer the growing number of calls waiting on queue. Yesterday, while I was on floor support duty, it just really got too stressful for me. Honestly, I’d rather write up an SLA report rather than walk around like crazy pinging anyone and everyone!

I know it’s important though, and it is a job for me to do. I have no delusions about my job not being about the numbers, because it is. It’s all about looking after my agents, and that means helping them reach their goals. It’s just that sometimes… Oh…

Okay, the moment’s gone. I think I’ve ranted enough.

Balancing Days

I was at MarieFrance this morning. I didn’t seem to have lost weight since I was there last. It didn’t come as a surprise knowing how much we ate by the looks of my previous post. hehe.

The PT was pleasant, we were talking and talking while she was wrapping me up and I didn’t even notice we were done. I also didn’t feel too cold this time around, I think I’m finally getting used to it.

I saw my consultant on my way out, it turns out she did schedule me to meet with another doctor too. I welcomed it, specially since I didn’t really get anything concrete from the previous one I had met with last year. This time around, the doctor gave me the 4-day balancing diet. I got the impression that I should have done that earlier on. I will have to follow the plan for four days, and then have a urine test on the 4th or 5th day. Apparently, it’s all part of the package. After that, we’ll have another chat.

The weight loss is coming real slow but I know I am the one to blame – ultimately. They’ve given me a program that just required me to go 2-3 times a week, regularly, and I couldn’t even keep my end of the bargain. I’m determined to change that now though. Last week, I went twice. This week, I’ll be going three times.

Aside from that, I will stick to the 4 day diet they are giving me, specially since it will help flush out the toxins. I’ve seen so many diet plans to recognize what one aims to do. After that, I’ll go South Beach again (or a modified version of the diet). It’s time I dig up my old research on SBD, pull up my recipes, and prepare my own meals again. I gotta seriously draw up that plan and include planning for my family’s and boyfriend’s meal plans along the way.

On another matter… my friend E brought up Grande Island in our IM conversation today with V and how the rates have become cheaper and that we should all go there for vacation. I’ve never been there but I’ve heard that it’s an awesome place. Boyf and I, along with a couple of friends are already looking forward to a trip to Bohol this year and we’re saving up for it. I’m not sure if we can scrunch up more dough to support another beach vacation, specially if we were still to go to Casa San Pablo by March. However, if we take the trip to Grande instead of Casa San Pablo, we’d probably spend the same amount. E also pointed out how bad traffic is at South Super highway at this time.

Oh well… we’ll see how it goes.

Hap Chan – overeating!

In our 8 years of being together, we’ve spent a lot of time (not to mention money) dining out. There have been times that we’d dine out fewer times than usual or we’d go for cheaper options, when we find that we didn’t have much extra dough to spend. Those occasions, I must admit, are few and far between though. Alfred has always maintained that, sure, we needed to scrimp on some things, but never on nourishment. He really would go all out for good food. Of course, there were times when we’d come out of a restaurant dissatisfied and would feel that money was not well spent, but there are more times that have us leaving very (very) happy. Last night’s dinner was one of those of the latter.

Since it was my off, boyfriend and I decided to go out after his shift at 6pm. It wasn’t particularly so we could eat out, but so he could go shopping for a pair of jeans. I wasn’t in a particular mood to shop, but I wanted to buy some essentials so I agreed anyway. After making our purchases, we had to decide where to eat. There are now a lot of options in Cubao/Araneta Center. There’s our favorite Boodle meals at Seafood Island, fastfood joints, SM and Gateway food courts, and many others. We were on our way to try The Aristocrat, when I saw the Hap Chan sign. We were just talking about Hap Chan a few days back and so I asked boyf if he wanted to go there, which of course, he did.

It wasn’t difficult to pick what we’d have, though I must admit, we seem to have chosen standards, and we weren’t adventurous at all.

Yang chow rice, camaron rebusado (fried shrimps), Lemon chicken, and fried tofu. We could have done without the shrimps but I wanted to have some. Or we could have had more than just fried tofu. But we were very happy with everything we ordered. So happy, that though there were only two of us, we wiped out everything!Call us gluttonous, call us pigs, haha. 🙂 We just know how to appreciate good food!

Good luck to dieting…

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