It’s Day 34 of the global 100 day Project. In this period, I have managed 14 blog posts.

On one hand, I feel like it’s a signal telling me to give up on writing. That I really am not meant to write. Not meant to be blogging.

On the other hand though, I also feel like things are going along just fine.

That’s 14 posts in a month! The last time there was that many posts in a single month on this blog, was in September of 2012. And when else have I tried to write from the Heart, much less end up publishing the result?

Though I haven’t produced a daily blog post, this is really the most time in forever that I have spent on writing, and all the tasks related to it. When there’s a lull in my day, I think of what I should write about next, examine thoughts and feelings around specific subjects, and (try to) articulate them. Sometimes I talk to myself, mostly while driving, so I can hear the words. I write drafts, edit, rewrite.

Now, I still wonder about this platform and where we’ll go at the end of the hundred days. Do I keep the blog up, or give it up?

After all, there’s always Facebook and Instagram. I suppose I can write there too, like many others do. I’ve always craved engagement from readers, and social media is excellent for that. People really interact with the content shared on FB and IG, and there’s almost always no SPAM! Comments are preferred, but those likes (and other reactions) are good enough. And these are from people I (mostly) know in real life.

But then, that’s the thing isn’t it? Sharing anything deeply personal on social media feels a lot like leaving myself exposed and vulnerable to people I actually know. I didn’t really think of it that way before, but the truth is, I can post anything on my blogs and not worry about judgment – readers, when there are any, are mostly strangers. While anything I share on FB or IG will likely be seen by my Mom, my husband, and just about every one else I know. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid that the people in my life will be too judging!

I don’t post anything I could not say to another person directly. I am almost never hateful, and I don’t care for social media posts that tend to be negative or bullying, so hindi ako natatakot that people will read something I write and be so surprised that way. Arghhh. I don’t know, it’s just, why do I all of a sudden feel so exposed?

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Just Talk

Seems like the husband and I, we have some of our more interesting, and funny, conversations on the road.

Like today, while running errands. We had just seen a few episodes of Shark Tank on Netflix so the husband was on a business/product development frame of mind. Here are a couple problem areas he thought about addressing:

  • A solution to the long queues that customers have to suffer through at the bank for whatever business they have to do there. It’s such a waste of time. Today, we actually went to another bank because the first one we went to had such long lines.
  • Modernizing the Sorbetero so he wouldn’t have to suffer under the intense heat of the sun pushing his ice cream cart.

I can’t go into detail on any of his pitches, but here’s what I had to say: Not scalable. And for that reason, I’m out! 🙂

I like these moments. And really, any opportunity to have a real discussion.

Sometimes we also talk about the latest News (or gossip), or interesting posts on our Facebook feeds.

We also talk about work a lot. Mostly, he vents out about his work, and I either just hear him out and give advise, or I call him out on his attitude towards the issue.

I really enjoy our conversations. From the most trivial, to the more serious topics. And today I am reminded of how just talking got us falling in love with each other.

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Kabul Beauty School

I believe that we all should maximize our skills to help make the world a better place. In the case if Debbie Rodriguez, it meant teaching the art and business of hairdressing to the women of Kabul, in Afghanistan.

Reading the New York Times Bestseller Kabul Beauty School, I could not help but think about the plight of women all over the world. How many of us take for granted the relative freedoms we experience on a daily basis, and how different another person’s normal could be really like. It is great that there are aid workers risking life and limbs to help make life a little better for other people. More importantly, I am grateful for dreamers and movers who are unlocking possibilities and opening doors where there used to be hopelessness and a quiet acceptance of the cards they have been dealt with.

I also could not stop wondering whether it is now possible to be a tourist in Afghanistan. Despite the security concerns, and the lack of first world amenities, the author painted a picture of Kabul for me that I would love to explore. I have no idea what the situation on the ground is these days, but I would like to know if it would be possible to visit someday.


13 of 100!

Kabul Beauty School is my eleventh book for this year. I set 18 books for this year’s Reading Challenge at Goodreads but it would be great to exceed that by a mile!

2018 Reading ChallengeVera has
read 11 books toward
her goal of
18 books.


I love driving! I really do. I don’t ever really mind when my husband asks me to drive him somewhere, or to pick him up. Except when he falls asleep and leaves me to battle my own sleepiness while stuck in EDSA traffic. I’ll do the driving, but he’s gotta do the entertaining, you know what I mean? 🙂

I would love to take roadtrips more often. Straight boring highways make me sleepy, but winding roads, going up and around mountains, or navigating inner city new-to-me roads – those keep me wide awake. Hmm. Yes, let’s take more roadtrips.

Over a year ago, in January, I had an accident. I was on my way to work, and at past 11 in the evening, it would have been just a 10 to 15-minute drive. One minute I was changing radio stations, just about 50 meters before I turn left at a cross-roads. The next, well, I heard the sound of what seemed to me like crushing metal.

I had made that last crossroads safely, but have no memory of it. I was about a hundred meters away now, at another crossroads – apparently an accident-prone one. I had no idea that I had fallen asleep. It was scary. I crashed into the drivers’ side of the other car so my first thought was to open my window and ask if he was okay. Which thankfully, he was.

One might say that this accident was my crossroads. It had driven the point that I needed to seek help for all that uncontrollable sleepiness. I wasn’t going to wait for another accident that might cost lives, or limbs.

Since then, I’ve had my sleep apnea officially diagnosed, and I’ve been sleeping with a CPAP machine (well, maybe not all the time, but as much as possible). Whenever we have to drive, we also make it a point that I get some rest. Or, that if I get really sleepy, we look for a safe space and park for a quick nap. When driving alone, I munch on nuts or chocolate when I have to. Lately, I feel like things have been better.

Driving is such a big responsibility. Your life, your passengers’ lives, as well as the lives of pedestrians and other motorists are in your hands. That’s been on my mind lately.

I wonder if every driver thinks of it this way?

Lost in Space

There is something about being under the weather that makes it conducive for binge watching a new TV series – although truth be told, I’d take any excuse to Netflix and chill all day.

On Monday, I finally got to meet the Robinsons who call the Jupiter 2 their home.

While I was really amazed by Technology, and how smart and useful they all were, and how beautiful that strange new planet was, I could not help but ponder the bigger questions such as:

  • With it’s finite resources, what will become of the human race when Earth finally has nothing more to give?
  • Are there secret task forces and initiatives right now that are already looking for a new planet humans can colonize?
  • What if there really were planets out there, trillions of light years away, that are just as beautiful as our Earth? Would we know better, and learn to take better care of it?
  • If evacuating to a new planet is possible, who decides on who gets to go? Who deserves to go?
  • Pinoys are all over the world and are doing great things, surely there will be a lot of Pinoys in the new world?
  • Are we really completely doomed, without alien tech?
  • What can we do now to slow this natural death, or at least to not accelerate it?

Surely, the demise of the one planet we call home is far off in the future. A future that we won’t be part of, anyway, because we would have died of natural causes, or man-made diseases. But that far off future would someday become tomorrow. Have you ever thought about that?

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