Team Number One

Wow, the week just went by in a snap.

I had a really good week at work, seriously. Yesterday, I spent half the day filing my coaching forms on each agent folder. It was tedious because I had allowed a whole month’s worth of documentation to accumulate for all eleven of them. But it was light, easy work.

My team has been having a phenomenal performance in the last 3 weeks. I am very proud of them. To think that 60% of them are newbies to the account and yet we’re number one. That is truly a remarkable achievement. Even if things don’t work out as well for the fourth week (but I’m crossing my fingers that it still does) it would still have been a magnificent run.

This tears my heart really.

You see, I have a chance to go back and do what I’ve always loved doing. This whole year that I’ve been a team manager, I’ve found myself looking at training classes and wish I was the one teaching them. I’ve looked at trainers and have been silently critical of them. Often I catch myself thinking if I was ever like this or that as a trainer. Was I slow to react? Was I full of crap?

Don’t get me wrong, I have adjusted to my TM duties well and I love what I do. But I guess that training has always been my first love and you know what they say about that.

Nothing has been decided anyway. At the very last minute, I turned in my application for the training post that was opened, but I’m still giving myself a lot of room to think things through and weigh my choices. I am just greatful that I work with people and am in an environment that allows me these liberties to do what I really want to do.

On an entirely different matter…

Ka Bel was in the news again today (or was it yesterday’s paper?). He was refused welcome and blessing in Roman Catholic churches in his hometown in Legazpi, Albay. Their reason? He was in the Aglipayan Cathedral in Manila for a few days. They claimed that that was a sign that he was of a different religion and they have nothing to do with funerals for people of a different belief. One – Ka Bel is Catholic. In fact, he and his wife renewed their marriage vows for their 50th wedding anniversary at a Catholic Church. Two – Ka Bel’s funeral was held at the Aglipay church because that church is known to be supportive of the labor leader’s causes. Three – How medieval of that bishop in charge there. Ugh.

On TV right now is Charisse Pempengco’s new song and music video. It isn’t bad. I think it’s an original this time and not a cover of an older woman’s song. Good for her. I didn’t see the title though. I’m guessing it’s “It could only get better.”

On a more personal topic this time…

I calculated my expenses for the week and found out that I have spent WAY TOO MUCH than I should have. Seriously. Even without Zune’s doctor fees, it’s still way over budget. Talk about living beyond one’s means. Major ugh.

Oh, have you seen the latest Indiana Jones flick? I don’t think I’ll be seeing it in the cinema. What with all the cost cutting I need to do. I’d probably wait to see it on DVD. Bummer.