Lessons from Ivory Hut

I have had Windows Live Writer up in the past hour, but I’ve been hard put to publish anything. There were about 4 paragraphs of a rant post for how this day just sucked for me, but I figured it wasn’t a good thing to throw out such bad vibes onto the world. So now that I’ve breathed that out, I’ll move on and post something else.

When I’m not in the move for much else, I go to my bookmarks and visit blogs that I’ve saved there. One such blog I visited today, is Ivory Hut’s. She takes awesome photos, cooks amazing food, and she’s a full-blooded Pinay living in the US. I first learned of her via The Pioneer Woman. Last year, Ivory Hut (Erika) and her family lost their home to a fire. They lost everything, but also found so much more. You can read her story on her blog, but I’d like to direct particular attention to her post on Lessons Learned. She’s put together a list that we should all consider.

As for me, I should learn a lesson or two from this afternoon’s episode. I have a feeling that my headaches are also triggered by bad posture, including bad sleeping posture. Part of it is my actual bed, that doesn’t support my back really well, and pillows that don’t support my neck well. I’ve been thinking of consulting a doctor to find out if there could be any truth to my theory.

Anyhoo, do checkout Ivory Hut and be amazed by her. I shall feature another favorite blog shortly. Smile