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Hooked, and loving it

I am thankful for crochet.

I have been working on project after project this year and I love it. Some projects took longer because I had to learn a technique or a stitch, some went surprisingly quick.

This craft excites me – finding a pattern, sorting through my yarn stash for the right colors, learning something new.

It calms me and helps clear my mind – helps me focus. Even when I crochet in public, it helps me zone in on the conversation or the discussion at hand.

Looking at the finished project gives me pride. And seeing others admire them just about makes my heart overflow with joy. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I am grateful for having crochet in my life.

Stitches & Words | Crochet Makes My Day

Sirius calling dibs on my rainbow leaf wrap while it was still a WIP

Stitches & Words | Crochet Makes My Day

I made a laptop sleeve for myself. I use it everyday.

Stitches & Words | Crochet Makes My Day

Round bag I made for a friend. I had to redo the base after this photo though.

Stitches & Words | Crochet Makes My Day

This wrap ended up in my Momโ€™s possession. I hope sheโ€™s using it!

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20 years ago, we were freshmen Psych majors at the University of the Philippines. As strangers we walked into that 4th floor classroom in AS for our Comm I class, and then walked all the way down to attend the Freshman Assembly as blockmates.

By the end of the day I was optimistic for the next four years of my life.

Soon after, I knew I had made friends for life.

Thankful for friends who get what’s deep down in your heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mama, the Original #GirlBoss

My Mama, Mom, Mommy.

She is the original #girlboss. I grew up with an amazing female role model. She showed me that a woman can be many things – a leader, a boss, a wife, daughter, sister, mother, friend. She is strong and smart, loving and caring.

Amir and Arkin are soooo lucky to spend a lot of time with Grandma.

I am thankful for my Mama!

Guevara Cousins

I am thankful for all the time we’ve been spending this year with my husband’s side of the family, particularly, his Guevara cousins.

There’s always someone celebrating a birthday so every month we pick who hosts but everyone brings something for potluck dinner and drinks.

These gatherings have been fun. There is always a lot of laughs, and some dancing too (just them, not me). There have been animated discussions about the state of the country (not everyone has the same opinion), ideas for business ventures, and many many more.

*This post is still part of my 30 Days of Thankful series.


Thankful for the good vets, groomers, and staff at our neighbourhood pet shop and clinic – Pet-a-Holic!

Stitches & Words | Pet-a-Holic

They have been taking care of our babies since 2015 and we are happy customers. They send out SMS reminders when shots or follow ups are due for any of our critters, and that’s been really helpful for us to stay on top of these things.

Pet-a-Holic is a one-stop-shop. They sell pet supplies, accessories, food, medicine, and supplements. They also have a clinic that can provide ultrasound, X-ray, and other such services. If your pet needs to be confined for 24-hour care, they also have that. Grooming services can also be availed, as well as room and board in case you’re going away on a trip.

We are there almost weekly for dog food, and now every 2 weeks for the required shots for the puppies.

Sa totoo lang, our fur-babies are more up-to-date with visits to the doctor than their hooman parents. Hahahaha. ๐Ÿ™‚

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