Scrapbook Saturday #12 and other Halloween night ramblings

Scrapbook Saturday

Here are two layouts I made earlier this week:

[Photos are clickable for the credits but please leave comments about the layouts in this post ;)]

These are still going into the mini-album of my girlfriends’ day out back in August. Hopefully I’ll be done before Christmas! Haha. 🙂

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Oh, it is Digital Scrapbooking Day (DSD) in digital scrapbooking land! Visit digiscrapping sites to get a huge fixing of DSD goodness, there are many links in this page, but not all may have goodies up okay. A good place to start though would be the Sunshine Blog for their Halloween Blog Train.

Halloween Night Ramblings

Last night, I logged on thinking of posting about the Halloween Party we had for the kids in this compound (plus some of their friends).  But no matter how much fun we had at the party – both kids and adults alike – the fun isn’t what’s foremost in my mind to blog about. 


Monday SleepFest!

The kids are on their week-long break and I am so green with envy! 

Here I am pining because the weekend is over. It’s almost 5AM on a Tuesday, and I am due back at work by 2PM. I feel like I wasted Monday; since I slept through most of the day, it wasn’t really wasted. Sleeping just kept me from doing other things. Haha.

Alfred was already back from his Sunday night shift when I eventually went to bed at 7AM yesterday. I scrapped two more layouts after the one two posts down. I was thrilled! I’ll keep my layouts on reserve until Saturday though so I can be on time posting for SS, for a change. 🙂 I hope I can scrap more this week, because I really want to move on to other photos.

My nephew Esban was sent up to my room to wake me up at almost 4PM! I haven’t had a full eight hours of sleep in a LONG time! And having E wake me up was a treat too. He used to do that all the time. I had asked him if we were going to make invites or an announcement for the Halloween party. He immediately volunteered to make them! He took my multi-colored pencil and a piece of white paper, and went on to write down his cousins’ and neighbors’ names. We’ll have ten kids ranging from four to fourteen years old this year. 

The names took up all of his front page. Oh, did I mention that he spelled out most of them on his own? He only asked for help for about three names – he wasn’t sure about Butchik, Shanti, and Claire. At the back, he drew ghosts, and then wrote down the date and time for the party – October 31, 2008, 7PM. He added trees too!

When he was done he rushed down to show the others; he only came back briefly to borrow a ruler, and to let me know that he and his ate were making more invitations that they would deliver to each household. I’m glad those two are excited about it.

We also made plans to see High School Musical 3 with him this week. I’m just not sure exactly what day we’ll get to go. It will all depend on what time I wake up. If I don’t sleep anymore today, or if I sleep now and get up by 9, we can go by 11AM; that should still give me time to be at work by 2.

Anyway, having slept that long yesterday, one would think that I won’t be sleepy again for at least the next eight hours right? Well, one would be wrong to think so! Rather than enjoying watching the teleseryes during Primetime Bida, I was drifting in and out of sleep! I’m not sure I finished Kahit Isang Saglit at all, the last scene I remember seeing was Christopher De Leon crying at Eunice’s grave. Oh well, I was out until an hour ago.

Hay. When I get back to work, I’d be back to thinking about the future again. So many changes are happening and those changes directly affect me. I’m not sure what will happen this week but now I know – I am SURE that I want to stay put, if what I want really mattered.

October is National Childrens Month in the Philippines

October is already drawing to a close. Years ago, I regarded October as a busy month because it is dubbed as the National Children’s Month. Government and Non-Government agencies alike usually have programs all throughout the month, and the organizations that I’ve been a part of would surely participate in some form. 

Now that I am no longer involved in children’s organizations, I still find myself looking around for signs that this month’s theme is actually being publicized. Call it bad timing, but worldwide, October is Pink Month for Breast Cancer Awareness – and you can see that everywhere (including in this blog).

The other day though, I did see a banner about this year’s theme right in front of the offices of the ABS-CBN Foundation. Other than that, no sign. I don’t read the papers much, but of what I’ve read, there was no mention of children’s month. I usually get to see the weekend news; but then again, no news on Children’s Month. 

Then just now, after searching for signs on the Internet, I found that there was a festival right around the corner. The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) spearheaded a Children’s Theater Festival this weekend (October 24 to 26). Their Theater Center is about three to four blocks from here, and I could have brought my nephews and nieces there had I known of the Festival beforehand. Alas, that’s how out of the loop I am. Buti pa when PETA had their shows and festivities in far away Raja Sulayman Theater of the Fort Santiago, I was able to go. Now that they’re here, and they’ve been here for YEARS, I haven’t been to see a single production. 

What I’m trying to say is, it is so frustrating that no matter how long the child-welfare circle has been celebrating Children’s Month, we still haven’t been really able to break into the mainstream.

Who knows about October being the National Children’s Month in the Philippines? I hope that we have had more success in raising awareness of actual child rights/child protection issues.

Scrapbook Saturday #11: No Pictures!

I scrapped a page! Yay!!!

Iskra: I said no pictures!


Click on the photo for a larger view and the credits.

Now, though there are a thousand and one words that I would like to write, let me take time to visit the rest of the Scrapbook Saturday gang (a day late, as usual!).

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