Not the weekend I imagined…

I have been cooped up at home, and have slept away most of the two days I’ve had off from work (Friday and Saturday). No, I didn’t really have to catch up on sleep, nor did I intend to laze away two whole days. I had no choice.

I was plagued with nagging tension headache since I woke up around noon on Friday. I spent extra hours at work on my last day so I left at about 140am Friday and went straight to visit my Papa in the hospital. He isn’t in critical care, the doctors just wanted to monitor the irregularities they found in his heart. The monitor isn’t hooked now, but he’s still there. I don’t think he can already pee normally – which was the reason he asked to be brought to the Emergency Room on Wednesday night.

I only stayed a little over an hour – he was sleeping, so was my cousin who was watching him. Papa did wake up a few minutes and talked to me. He told me to go home and sleep too. I stayed awhile, watching his breathing. He was hooked up to oxygen too. While watching him, I took out my handy notepad and a pen, and wrote down what would have been Thursday Thirteen for the week – all about my grandpa. I didn’t get to post it though so it will have to wait until next week to be shared. I am just so happy to know he isn’t in any serious danger.

I walked home in the middle of the night. It was a nice and peaceful walk. I had to take a longer way because I saw dogs blocking my way and didn’t feel comfortable walking by them. I had a security guard escort me part of the way, because the gate I was passing through was already closed and he wasn’t sure I’d fit through the gap – I did. 🙂 The hospital is just a few blocks away from home.

Walking that night cleared my head up a bit and it reminded me how I used to enjoy evening walks, or even morning ones. I’d have to take that up again real soon.

I also thought about how I’d be spending my weekend. Alfred was home in the province, as he always is during Holy Week. I thought I’d give Zune a bath myself, and get a headstart fixing up the room so he wouldn’t have to do it when he gets back. I know, he doesn’t really live here, but he does more than my share of the chores when he’s here. My parents are so used to having him around actually, they aren’t surprised anymore when he comes home earlier than I do with our current schedules.

Anyway, I didn’t get to do any of what I planned. No blog posts, and no layouts either. My Friday and Saturday were mostly spent sleeping and complaining of this terrible headache. I’ve had worse, granted, but this is just making me so uncomfortable. Adding my monthly visitor to the mix, and oh, I’m just about ready to explode. I spent three hours at the Emergency Room because Mon insisted that Dad take me there this morning. She was worried with her readings of my blood pressure and the fact that I was still complaining about the pain.

I went but my BP was normal – 120/90. I rated the pain a 4 on a 10-pt scale. The kind doctor asked me if I wanted pain reliever and I said yes. I did not think anything of it when he said it would be injected. I waited about 10 minutes, and another doctor came with the needles. I was surprised it was going to be injected on my fist and with such huge needles! I totally freaked out. In short, I backed out of the injectable and opted for oral medication. We had to wait longer though – probably paperwork, plus a lot more patients came after me. Some with more pressing concerns than I did. Meanwhile, the headache was just there, lurking.

Anyway, I have a prescription and orders NOT to look at anything bright directly. My first thought was my week-old big ass flat screen monitor. Oh well, I’ve stayed away from it too long already. I just itched to sit right here again. Yet I waited. I rested awhile. I didn’t ask for a medical certificate so I could get off from having to report back to work tomorrow though the doctor did say I should rest. I’m still thinking whether I’d ask for a holiday instead. I don’t really think I need to but I will if the headache comes back in the morning. Frankly, it hasn’t completely gone away, I can still feel some of it but the meds seem to be working it’s 24-hour magic. My neck/shoulders don’t hurt at all, and that’s just a bonus.

Oh well, so much about my one headache of a weekend. How about yours?