Team Building @ Ace Water Spa

On Tuesday, my team and I spent time at a different kind of spa.

There were no special treatments in this spa, and there were no attendants/therapists walking around in hushed tones. Kids are allowed in this place too. We had a fun, relaxing time. We spent four hours at Ace Water Spa on Tuesday afternoon.

I realized that we didn’t take any photos. It was understandable not to have photographed ourselves in the spa because it wasn’t allowed. But we had a nice dinner afterwards and still no pictures to show for it! I guess we were very hungry by dinnertime that that was all we coud think of. No moment to pause for posterity!

Last summer, my nephew bugged me about taking him there. Unfortunately, he had just gotten better from mumps so I wasn’t able to take  him this time. He really wanted to go though, even saying that he no longer had fever. I had to promise him we’d go next time. I think that promise will be filled sooner than later.

Aside from the big hydrotherapy pool and it’s different sections, along with the lazy river surrounding it, we really enjoyed the dips at the hot herbal pools. There were three pools of increasing temperature. The first one was the mint pool, then the jasmine pool that smelled oh-so-nice, and then there was the lavander pool. You’re only advised to dip for three to five minutes each time, and then have a quick dip at an ice cold pool to regulate your temperature and prevent your blood pressure from shooting up. That was nice.

They have sauna and steam rooms too but I didn’t try those anymore.

They have a 25-m lapping pool too and towards late afternoon, there were several people there doing what seems to be their regular laps. I was surprised that I was able to go the whole 25-m length without stopping in the middle! I only lasted halfway on my way back though. It reminded me again how much I loved swimming, and how it just might be the exercise that will get me to lose all this weight (that is if I don’t eat too much after the workout!).

Though not everyone from the team made it to the spa, it was a fun day and I understand the reasons why the others couldn’t make it (no not really). They actually have plans of making this a regular activity, sort of a monthly team habit. Why not?

Ooohhh and August is nearly over which just means we are only a few days away from vacation! It looks like it’s just going to be Alfred and myself. This will be the first time we’ll be going on a real vacation on our own. Friends were supposed to come with us, but for reasons unforeseen, they won’t be able to make it.

I’ve made reservations at the Dao Diamond Hotel in Tagbilaran City, and I’ve also made plans with a tour guide to take us to the sites and to spend a day at Panglao Island. I am getting more excited by the day!