PhilAm Life to change ownership

Until today, I hadn’t really felt any direct impact of the fall of financial institutions in the US. I heard on the news today that PhilAm Life, possibly the biggest insurance company in the country, is being sold to new owners. Read the story here.

I knew that AIG had business in the Philippines, but somehow it had escaped my mind that that business included PhilAm Life. I have an insurance policy with PhilAm, so does my brother. My dad has two. Our relatives also have policies with them. Our agent is a family friend.

PhilAm Life is currently assuring policy holders of the company’s stability. No one less than their President and CEO Jose Cuisia, Jr. has come out for media interviews. He is up there confidently telling anyone and everyone that the company has a strong and stable portfolio, and that even if there is a change in ownership, they’re procedures and practices won’t change.

Well I sure hope so.

Okay, this next section has nothing to do with PhilAm Life or the world economic crisis. 

Since it’s a weekend, I’ve spent a lot of time on the computer again. I mean a LOT. 

That means that I’ve been bloghopping again, both through Entrecard, and my own Digital Scrapbooking Links. I find that the blogs that attract me most, are those that have thought provoking posts. I used to be quite shy when it comes to leaving comments, thinking that a blogger would only appreciate comments from people she/he really know, because that would be the most meaningful. Now, I realize it’s not how you know the commentor or how often you react to their writings – it’s really how insightful your comments are.

I do try to comment as much as I can. But I also refrain from commenting when I don’t really have anything to say. 

Anyway, Ganns has setup a blog to document his weight loss efforts and successes. He has also left me a recommendation to checkout Bill Phillip’s “Body for Life.” Instead of heading out to Fully Booked to find a copy of “Champions” though, I ran a search online to find out what it’s about. I think I can handle their take at eating. It doesn’t look too difficult. So maybe I will get a copy of that book Ganns mentioned. Hopefull it gives me a better idea of what the Body for Life principles are. I just really gave their site a quick look. Haha.

Whenever you run a search on anything about health, fitness and weight loss in particular, you are sure to run in to products that you wouldn’t know whether to believe or not. I read this review on Lipozene. I thought about another pill that is said to be quite effective – Reductil I think it is. Then this afternoon my mom was saying how she’d read something in the papers about Xenical and how you’re supposed to take it before having a meal of something greasy. So if you are not eating anything oily, you don’t need to take it? So why don’t you just save yourself the money and just stay away from greasy foods? Anyway, I’d like to say that I am not easily swayed by the latest fads, but lately, I find myself actually tuning into them. I feel like I’m becoming desperate about this weight thing. Okay, not desperate. But getting there. 

Nobody is imposing this on me, believe me. I don’t look at skinny girls and wish that I had their body. I just look at my pictures, or my reflection, and see my big tummy. I do not wish I could be like other girls. I just really want to be rid of this big tummy. I seriously look pregnant sometimes, without the glow. Ugh.

I am currently listening to Sara Bareilles. Can you believe that this is the first time I actually listened to her music? I heard about her months ago but it’s just now that I checked out her site looking for streams of her songs. I was in luck because they do stream her songs there. 🙂 Nice. Beautiful music.