Remembering Sharpay

Because I was trying to listen to Eat, Love, Pray, I could not concentrate on anything much except mindlessly browse through blogs and other websites. I was trying to scrap a page about photos I took on January 11, but I didn’t get anywhere. Now I figure that the inspiration for a layout would come after I tell the story behind the photo/s.


It’s been over a month since I took this photo but I can still remember being surprised that morning when I arrived home to see these flowers here. This is right outside our home, by the street side. When Sharpay (my nephew’s 2-month old puppy Shih-Tzu) died on New Year’s Day, there was a much tearful funeral and the kids gathered round to bury her here in this piece of land right outside our home. I guess putting flowers right there was the kids’ way of saying that they remember her – specially because she was so affectionate when she was around (not to mention that she bit three of them in her short life!). I thought it was sweet that they remembered her and finding these flowers probably required a bit of effort – we don’t have a lot of flowering plants around here. 

Some time later, coming home from work, I saw my niece Hannah, with nephews Esban and Adam hanging around this spot. They were putting flowers there again, and sort of cleaning up that slab of concrete. Sweet.

On other news…

Two people are going to split the lotto pot that was elusive since December 2008. The draw last night will eventually change the lives of two people and their families. That’s a whopping 340 million pesos that they will be sharing, at 48 pesos to a dollar, see how much money that is? My dad got two tickets, but we only got three numbers at most. Only enough to get back the money he paid for the tickets. Haha.

Alfred and I were talking about how we would spend the money, had we won. 

We have to secure our future financial freedom of course by investing, or going in to our own respective business ventures. I’d start with investing in a really sturdy and big oven, plus baking courses. We would travel the Philippines and the world – Europe tour, Asian tour, visit Australia and NZ, and then go on a US tour as well. Alfred isn’t too keen on a US tour but there are so many beautiful places to see there, and if we’ve got the money anyway, why not go visit? I mean I’ve read so much about families enjoying Disney World, and having a blast at Vegas vacations, and even my parents have treasured their trips there. I also have relatives there that I would love to visit. Like I said, if you can pay for it, why not go?

We’d also give to charity, of course. And help out the rest of our families. 

But all that is a dream.