Nikon Dreaming

It feels to me like it was so long ago when I posted about my Nikon dreams over at my Blogspot, but the date just says Monday.  I have decided to wait until I have real more cash to pay up front for my first Nikon, and it may mean that I get to wait for the D5000’s release in the Philippines.  Seriously, I think that it’s worth the wait.  Just look at it, ain’t it lovely:


Okay, so it doesn’t really look much different from a D60 that I can purchase right now.  But there are reasons that’s really got me convinced to hold off for this one. Click on it and you’ll be taken to the DPreview feature on this baby, Nikon’s latest entry-level DSLR.  I called Columbia Digital, the official Nikon distributor in the Philippines, and all the lady would say was that it’s supposed to be here by end of May, or first week of June.  Now that’s not so far from now is it? And if it ends up too high above what I’m willing (and able) to spend on a camera? Then I’ll make the decision then to opt for the D60 after all, or maybe even a Canon.

[EDIT] Okay, I may have to reconsider here. I just saw that the D5000 retails for 849 USD in Amazon.  It will most probably be sold a few thousand pesos above that here in the Philippines. I might just go for a D60 after all…