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I shouldn’t be blogging.

I’ve been skipping work (yesterday and today) because I had really bad migraine last night, and I still have some back and neck pain. I’ve had problems with migraine for a very long time now. In highschool, I would be absent because of this. In college, this would plague me too, usually after school. I remember at least two instances when I would go to class on the first day of school (this was in my grade school days), and then come home with a headache.

We thought it was my eyes. So I was frequently at the opthalmologist’s clinic. They would give me eyedrops and at one point prescribed glasses. But my eyes never really got better. I have 20/20 vision, my eyes are just very irritable. How many times have I had sore eyes? Some afternoons I would all of a sudden itch, and my eyes would balloon and go all red. A few hours later, they’d get better. What caused it? I can’t say.

Then my eye doctor said a few years ago that it wasn’t the eyes that were causing the headaches. They were migraines. She prescribed me medicine that I was supposed to take before the onset of the migraine. That proved to be difficult for me at the time, so I never got around to taking it. I learned to just live with it. I learned to will myself to throw up, just to feel better. But that wasn’t always the case. I wouldn’t always feel like throwing up.

I’ve found that the best thing to do is to take Advils while the headaches haven’t peaked. Then to stay somewhere dark, and cool. To find the most comfortable position for my back, neck and head, and to try to sleep. It wasn’t easy to sleep with the pain. I would be restless for the most part, whether asleep or awake.

When I have these episodes, I am prepared to suffer pretty much the entire day. When it seems as though it will go beyond that, or the pain is intolerable – I turn to stronger medication. I used Arcoxia, but then a colleague who is a Pharmacist by training warned me against the side effects. I also didn’t like it because I just feel numb with it. Like the pain will come back after it wears off in 24 hours. Then I used Celecoxib, or something like it. It didn’t prove to be any better.

So I’m back to just plain old Biogesic or Advil. These don’t work when the pain is already intolerable, but they’re good enough when it’s just starting.

I guess this last episode is just another signal that I’m stressed, and I didn’t even see it coming.

I shall visit the doctor tomorrow. I don’t really know what for, but I shall go. Hay.

Speaking of hospitals and getting sick, have you ever wondered about getting travel insurance for when you go on vacation or on business trips? Back in my former life in the NGO world, we would get one for each of us who would travel to the next training venue. We never really had to use it, but it was good to know that we would be covered just in case something happens to us while we were traveling. I guess it isn’t so important now because the company I work for pays for a good medical insurance plan/HMO, so I am assured that I can get treatment as long as I had my card with me.

A colleague is off on a vacation to the US, I think he’s in Seattle right now. And two other friends were just there on business. I wonder if they signed up for any travel insurance? I’m sure they’ll be safe there, but I’d hate to hear that they’ll be in need of Seattle personal injury attorneys, after all they are just there for a very brief visit.


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10 Responses to “Migraine”

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joy September 17th, 2009 at 8:07 am

hi vera! i hope you’re feeling better now, no more migraine.
.-= joy´s last blog ..In Philippine Politics =-.



Pinaybackpacker September 17th, 2009 at 8:29 pm

I’m sorry to hear about this. I used to have migraines, too, back in college. And asthma. I still get both from time to time but not as often and not as intense than before.

I think certain foods/drinks trigger it. And yeah, stress might be the major cause.

But since I don’t like taking medication, I tried other alternatives. One is acupuncture. I used to go on a weekly basis, then it went down to monthly visits. Then every 3 months.

Regular massages are also good. Try to observe and take note also of what you did or what you ate before the onset of a migraine. That will give you an insight what to avoid doing or eating.

Lastly, it might be time to pause and take a vacation. Go somewhere quiet where you can commune with nature to replenish your energies.

I’m glad to know that you’ve also experienced doing NGO work.
.-= Pinaybackpacker´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: The Dome =-.


verabear Reply:

I used to go for accupuncture but did not get to maintain that habit. I also try to remember what triggers the migraine and sometimes it’s the heat, maybe hunger, but mostly I really think it’s stress and tension. Sometimes even bad posture or a bad sleeping position causes it!

thanks for the advise :)


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mye September 17th, 2009 at 10:27 pm

if yours is migraine, mine is acid peptic disease :)

hubby had a migraine too but it was treated. the doctor identified that hunger triggers it and so he stopped his rough diet and got a better way to decrease his carbo intake.

hope you’ll get better soon! ^_^


verabear Reply:

Thanks, I am interested to know what the blood work will show. :)



Jade September 18th, 2009 at 8:51 am

Oh I hope you are feeling alright now. I like Pinay Backpackers suggestion – take a break from it all.

Get well!

Oh btw, I saw UP – you are right best movie I have seen this year:) It’s so heartwarming.
.-= Jade´s last blog ..Eyes – window to your soul =-.


verabear Reply:

I am feeling better. no headaches today, yey! :)
Glad you got to see UP, it stays with you doesn’t it? :)


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Topaz Horizon September 20th, 2009 at 12:36 pm

I have migraines, too! And, like you, I also always feel better after throwing up. My hubby used to get upset when I throw up (he thought I was getting worse) but now he knows I’ll feel better!

I get migraines pag period ko. Sure yan! So what I do is track when my next period will be and a day or two before the first day, I take Biogesic or Dolfenal na. Like now, it’s my first day, naka-Biogesic na ako. So the migraine is still there but it’s now just a dull ache–hindi yung nakakabulag na pounding, splitting, I-want-to-tear-off-my-head kind of pain =D
.-= Topaz Horizon´s last blog ..Quick updates =-.


verabear Reply:

So that really works? My OB actually advised me to do that but I wasn’t sure it would work, thanks for the tip. :) That takes care of the migraines I get pag period, but I still need to find out what causes it at other times :( really hoping the bloodwork and neck xray tells us more


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