Music Monday

For the first time, I joined in with this meme and here’s my Music Monday blog post. It includes the McLinky list of participants and you will notice that there are about 46 aside from myself. I tried to go through each entry, kick back and just do some sound tripping on this Monday afternoon. I was able to make it until #27 only.

Though I spent a lot of time going through the other bloggers’ entries, it was time well spent. It’s a much better use of my time than if I had to read through alli reviews, as well as lookup for more weight loss info, or compare what the diet pills work and what do not.

I’m glad I did Music Monday, I rediscovered some songs I already liked, while I was also able to admire new ones. It’s like my ears were opened up, hehe. 🙂

Let me share this video of Carrie Underwood, that I picked up from here.