I’ve had this coming for the past several weeks, and yet it’s only now dawning on me that this really is the next level.

For the longest time, I’ve hesitated applying for higher positions because I’m afraid of not meeting the expectations of those who might trust me enough to actually hire me. I’ve stayed put, thinking it was best to stay away from more responsibilities. When the post opened up though, I was like – this is it. Now or never. I realized that the only way to go up was to do so in the company of people who already knew the extent of what I could offer (and I’m telling you, there really isn’t much). I could never have picked a better group of people to help me as I transition into this new role. I know they will be very understanding of me, and that they will willingly provide me with all the help I’m gonna need to find my way around this new role.

Not sure if any of them read my blog, but I’m going to have to ask for their patience. I will probably have a lot of blunders in the next few weeks, or at the least I will have a lot of questions. I wish there was an online FAQ I could refer to so I wouldn’t have to bother them much but I doubt if there’s one that would address all of my 1001 questions.

Tonight when I report for work, I will be (my boss’) Boden’s OM-in-training.

So help me God.

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