The decade in pictures: 2000

Here’s an interesting round-up of significant events from the past decade:

The decade in pictures: 2000


Going through the gallery (I’m not actually done yet) has made me think about where I was at a particular time, and also made me wonder what things I’ve blogged about through the years. More importantly, it has made me curious to look further into some of the news stories they mentioned. I guess I won’t run out of blog topics this month. 😉

If I remember correctly (and am too lazy right now to check on my oldest blog), I only started blogging in 2002 or early 2003 so if I were to make a round-up of my own favorite posts for the decade, I’d be a couple years short.  But it sounds like a good project to me, and I will try to endeavor such a task. It will be a huge undertaking considering I’ve blogged in five different places and my bravejournal site doesn’t have very friendly archives. I will give it a try though.

Tracy also has quite an interesting round-up for her December 2009.