BC Bloggers

You will notice a new links list on my sidebar: the BC Bloggers List. It’s a new blog exchange program that I signed up with over the weekend. Click the badge to know more about how it works:


I just finished adding up the first batch of links, Paula, the brains behind the exchange mentioned in her email to the members that she will be sending over the links in four batches. There are about 122 blogs who joined up. She will probably open it for more sign ups at a later time. As it is, that’s a lot of links! Maybe in a later time I will decide to add them on a separate page but for now, they’re okay on my sidebar.

It’s a good thing that some of the bloggers who signed up for the exchange are also in EC and Adgitize 🙂

Where did my weekend go? I slept a lot over the past 36 hours, so much for catching up. Woke up at noon time today with a nagging headache! I just ate, and then went back to bed. Ugh. I can tell that Alfred was disappointed that we didn’t go out to see Percy Jackson. Oh well. I’m disappointed that I didn’t move so much today and how much calories did I eat? I had a double cheeseburger and large fries from McDonald’s this afternoon… If I sweat so much because of the heat, does that count?

I received a link for weight loss supplements here and of course I had to check them out. What I’m really interested in though would be testimonials from people I actually know. Big Filipino women who have successfully lost weight. I had a friend on FB who mentioned taking Xenical with good results. One known side effect was the tendency for unexpected poopies, but she said that since she stayed away from really oily food, she didn’t have those. Still, I think that would be difficult for me.